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Hello friends and family! We are back in Rosarito after 10 days in Mazatlán and Culiacán. This is our last week of the School of Missions, and we have learned, grown, and experienced so much in such a short time of six weeks. Thanks for taking time to read and partner with us through prayer.

"Then after some days Paul said to Barnabas, "Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they are doing."" (Acts 15:36 NKJV)
The Team at One of the Church Plants in Mazatlán

During our time in Mazatlán and Culiacán, we visited several church plants and got to both enjoy the fellowship of believers there, and serve God in various areas right alongside them. The first church our team had the privilege of serving at on the trip was one of the church plants out of Calvary Maranatha, Mazatlán. We did a “church take over” and both of us were able to serve in the children’s ministry: Racquell led worship and Shilo helped in translating and doing games with the older kids.

Shilo was very encouraged by a conversation with one of the kids named Roman, there at Maranatha Mazatlán Este. He’s a young teenager and the oldest in his family, and had such a welcoming and warm friendliness about him. He was really excited for missionaries to be visiting his church. When it came to the Bible Study our team did with the youth, Roman ate it up. He said he wants to be a missionary in the future and take the gospel where it hasn’t been taken.

Another sweet part of our visit to Mazatlán was getting to spend time with and encourage the foreign and national missionaries, pastors, and workers who are serving there. One missionary who we spent time with was Nancy S. Her life is such a testimony of faith and trust in the Lord. Our whole team was impacted by her testimony and being able to see her live out the calling God has placed on her life.

The Girls From the Team With Nancy S.

After our time in Mazatlán, we drove about 3 hours north east to Culiacán. There we also visited a number of church plants. We put on several special events for the churches including a Women’s Dinner at Calvary Chapel Aguaruto, and a Missions Conference for all the Calvary Chapels in the Culiacán area (seven and counting). The theme of the Missions Conference “Mexico y Más Allá” which means “Mexico and Beyond.” The goal was to call the Mexican church to look past their own borders at the world wide need for the gospel. Their hearts were stirred for the 3 billion people who are currently without the gospel, and were exposed to the facts of the most needy-for-the-gospel-countries in the world.

Shilo Translating for our Friend Carmelle Teaching on the Great Commission

As the parents were given all this information, we also had children’s classes where they were learning about the Great Commission and specifics about countries around the world, their cultures and their religions. Shilo served in translating for the group that taught the first of four sessions, which was an introduction Great Commission, and Racquell served in translating for the group that taught on the country of Jordan. During the conference were also able to serve in ushering the people, at the snack table in between teaching sessions, in the nursery with the little ones, and by ushering people in.

Racquell Serving in the Nursery

After visiting several other church plants from Calvary Culiacán, we made our way by plane back to Tijuana, then drove back to Rosarito. We’re writing to you now from a beach house near Rosarito, and we’re here really just to meditate on and digest all the Lord has shown us in these past six weeks, and prepare our hearts for the next steps of what God is calling us to.

Thank you for praying for us! You can continue to pray for us in these areas:

  • Racquell and baby’s health
  • Travels from San Diego back to Kauai in about a week (Racquell’s comfort and minimal stress on her body and the baby)
  • Financial provision
  • Health for the group (there’s a few students and staff members who have been having stomach issues these past few days)
  • Wisdom
  • Time spent well these last couple of days of Calvary School of Missions

Praise Reports: Shilo is completely over the cold that he had and Racquell never caught it. Also, we’ve had no issues in our travels and have gotten where we need to go without problems.

Thank you to those who have graciously given financially!

If you would like to partner financially with our family in furtherance of the gospel please consider donating through the button below. We still have a few days to raise support on the remainder of our balance for school, which is $2,717.14.

We’ll be in San Diego for a week starting this Sunday, the 21st. If you’re in the area and would like to connect with us, we’d love to see you!

By the grace of Jesus and for His glory,

The Stratton Family

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