Following Paul the Apostle to Spain…

Paul the apostle went to Spain…well there is a great possibility that he made it there! In Romans 15 we read that Paul had a desire to keep moving to new frontiers to share the gospel; this new frontier was Spain. 

“My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard…I am planning to go to Spain, and when I do, I will stop off in Rome….I will come to see you on my way to Spain.” Romans 15: 20, 24, 28

When you look back at Paul’s missionary journeys, you’ll notice that he kept expanding his mission field.  He started off in Antioch and then he kept moving to the west, and a little more to the west, and then farther out to the west!  Heading to Spain meant traveling as far west as he possibly could; for Paul that meant sharing the gospel to “the ends of the earth”. Paul was an amazing missionary with a big vision!

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute Zully, the Bible never mentioned that Paul indeed traveled to Spain.”  You are absolutely right.  Although church tradition and historical scholars indicate that Paul made it to Spain, the Bible doesn’t recount a 4thmissionary journey to Spain.  What the Bible does recount is Paul’s passion to keep moving forward for Christ. Paul was a man with a vision. He was a man with a desire to share Christ.  Despite the hardships he went through in his three previous missionary journeys, he desired to keep pushing through boundaries, both earthly ones and physical ones too. (Read his stirring list of hardships in 2 Corinthians 11:24-30!)

I recently listened to an interview of a Christian marathon runner named Ryan Hall.  He mentioned that he runs because he enjoys pushing himself and loves realizing that he can do a lot more than what he thought he could. As he goes through the pain and exhaustion of finishing a marathon race, he is able to run all the way to the finish line because when he focuses on someone or something outside of himself (i.e. his family, his charity foundation…etc.); he then has a purpose to keep running even though his body is ready to quit. Ryan Hall’s interview made me think about our Christian race. Are we running this Christian race with purpose? Are we willing to expand our vision? When the going gets tough, do we keep running knowing that we can endure this race because God and His calling are worth it?

While I’m not competing in a marathon race anytime soon, I am following Paul’s footsteps to Spain. I don’t mean that just literally. I want to follow his example in expanding my vision for Christ. I want to follow his example in pushing myself a little more to do those things that the Lord is calling me to do. I want to keep asking myself: How willing am I to push myself a little more for Christ each day? Am I willing to let go, to surrender, to sacrifice, to be uncomfortable for Him and for the sake of the gospel? 

What is Christ calling you to do? How is He desiring that you expand your vision? 

Let me tell you that just by reading this newsletter and taking part in my missionary journey, you are allowing the Lord to expand your vision! It’s so awesome that we can expand our vision together in the furtherance of the gospel to Spain! I’m very thankful that together we’re allowing the Lord to do something through us that only He can do! It’s never too late to partner with us in Spain. Contact me and I can share ways that you can be part of this team! 

Thank you for your prayers! I’m praying for you as well, that your vision may be expanded and that you may be amazed at what God can do in and through you!




~ The visa process is in the works. I’m waiting for an important document from Spain that will allow me to request a religious visa. Please keep that in prayer!

~ The monthly funds I need to have in place before leaving are coming in slowly but surely! Please pray for the Lord to continue to provide in all areas. 

~ My Care Team and I have been meeting once a month; I’m blessed by everyone on my team! If you would like to expand your vision in missions and would like to join a Care Team, feel free to contact me! 

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