Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Us!

“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles He performs for people!” – Psalms 66:5

Happy one year anniversary!!! I’m so thankful that you have been with me throughout this venture of faith in Spain. I have definitely felt your prayers and support in these last 12 months! So, here’s to us!! I truly could not have made it through this year without you!

One of the biggest truths I have learned this year is that Jesus fulfills one of my favorite verses.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” – Ephesians 3:20-21

I always took that verse as an affirmation of what God will do for me; that He would answer my prayer requests in ways far greater than I can ever imagine. I still believe that He can definitely do that, however, during this year, He showed me something even better. I learned that Jesus is “exceedingly abundantly above all” that I can ever ask or imagine!

Not only is His love amazing, but it’s also unfailing.
He is not only incredibly faithful, but His faithfulness reaches beyond the heavens.
His righteousness is not just perfect, but it’s also immovable as the mighty mountains.
Not only does He forgive us of our sins, but He removes them as far as the east is from the west.
Jesus demonstrated His perfect love on the cross, His mighty power through His resurrection, and His loving care as He intercedes for me today.

Jesus is “exceedingly abundantly above all” that I can ever ask or imagine!

He knew how important it was for me to learn that truth because in these last 12 months, I’ve missed spending time with my family and amid this pandemic, I wasn’t physically present to assist my parents (who are at high risk). I wasn’t there for very important and significant events of family and friends, and I will not be home for the holidays yet another year. Nonetheless, I have experienced the Lord’s generous measure of grace like never before. He not only loves me, but cares, listens, and blesses me ever so kindly. Jesus truly is “exceedingly abundantly above all” that I can ever ask or imagine!

Praise Reports & Prayer Requests:


• We are still working on getting the school building ready. There is so much to do but we’re almost there!
Please pray for more volunteers to help us get it all done as important dates are approaching.

• On November 28 we are hosting our very first Open House!
Please pray that parents and children would come to see our school and enroll for the next school term in January.

• Our official opening day is January 11!
Please pray as we do not know if COVID regulations will affect any of our plans. We haven’t felt the Lord directing us to stop, so we will continue moving forward in faith.

• We are offering a special price of 200€ for 4 months to help families during this COVID state of emergency in Spain. Our monthly fee should be 350€ to provide for our operating costs but we feel that the Lord wants us to take this step of faith in our budget.
Please pray as we will hurt financially with this low cost. We need a miracle in our school finances to provide for these families and to keep us afloat.

• I am overseeing all the logistics and operational tasks needed to start the school. Once the school gets started, I will be in the principal/administrator role. I have taught in a school before and have studied how to lead one, but if I can be very candid, I need the Lord’s help every day because I’ve never started a school before!
Please pray for me, for greater dependence on the Lord, for wisdom, humility, and strength.

Calvary Chapel Downey had a wonderful missions event last month. Thank you CCD, for letting me share what God is doing in Spain! In case you missed the short video update, you can find it on this link below:


A lot has been done to the school since that video. Here are some photos of the exciting transformation of our school!


  1. I passed my Spanish Driving Test!! Watch out Mallorca streets here I come!! I had to learn how to drive a stick shift car in Mallorca’s “downtown” area. It’s like the equivalent of Downtown LA with the many one-way streets and all the foot and car traffic. It was intense but by the grace of God, I passed the theory and driving test each in one shot (shameless bragging rights, sorry!).
  2. The Lord provided a car for me in a HUGE way! He truly knows and provides for our needs, many times even before we say anything!! Thank you to those that helped me financially via donations and through my latest fundraiser. You guys are the best!!
  3. The Lord provided an appointment with the government on the very day my visa expired, which was a total miracle as the appointments are scarce because of COVID! I got all the paperwork I needed in record time by the office of Religious Affairs here in Spain, another miracle! More news to follow on my visa!

I have so much to be thankful for in this last year, and so much to pray for as well! Thank you for being a part of this calling with me. Thank you for praying for me and the work here in Spain. I definitely could not have survived my first year without your support. Like I mentioned in the video, the blessings here in Spain are yours as well!

I am available to answer any questions or provide more information on how to get involved in this work in Spain. If you would like to donate towards our school specifically, you can do so on our school website: www.spccschool.com or you can contact me for more info. Thank you!

If you need prayer, I would love to pray for you! Feel free to send me your prayer requests to this email or via WhatsApp.

Love and appreciate you all!


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