We are so thankful for each and every one of you who are reading this newsletter and wish you could be here to witness the wonderful and great things the Lord is putting in our paths for His Glory, And we know you are rejoicing with us in what the Lord has been doing in our lives. We are at the 1/2 way mark of the Calvary School of Missions.  IT’S TRULY BEEN AN AMAZING TIME ! !

Each and every year has been unique and this is no exception. We have a blend of students from 18 years old to 62 years old who are all in love with Jesus and are passionate about the great need for the gospel to go to all nations. It’s been a joy watching these students serve the Lord in different capacities. These students are proving to be on fire for the Lord. We have heard students talking about how the Lord has spoke to them about going to Japan, India, Indonesia, even Saudi Arabia.  The students have heard from many missionaries on the field, the R Family from N. Africa, Sam & Amy Baby from S Asia, Paul Billings from Jorden, Heather Gaona, Director of 10/40 National Missionaries, Kurt Kula from Georgia (the country) Pastor Nadeem M. from Pakistan. Our friends from Pakistan & S. Asia were not able to join us, but through the aide of modern technology, we felt as if they were right here with us.  We are grateful for technology.  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from the students on how helpful the classes have been and how they are learning so much.  They are stirred up for the nations!!

As we wrap up our last week here at the Connections House in Rosarito, we are going to attend one of our favorite conferences in the whole world. Calvary Chapel Rosarito’s church planting conference. We are passionate about Evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We are excited to be able to attend this conference reuniting with the many church planters who know and love us. It is a great joy to hear of the wonderful works God has been doing in all of their church plants. We are also looking forward to the impact it will have upon our students. We will tell you more about that in our next newsletter. 

Tim with his good friend & mentor Pastor Mike Vincent from CC Rosarito. Excited about his new book on church planting.

Next week,  Tim and I will be taking the students to the state of Sinaloa, where we will visit church plants in the cities of Culiacan, Mazatlan as well as go to the mountains to take the love of Jesus to an unreached Tribe the “Kuare” . We will be hiking to get there and camping at night, it will be cold and rainy and the students will definitely be stretched and we hope that the Lord will teach them through this new experience that going to any lengths to bring the gospel is worth the cost no matter what it may be.

Please pray for us in these next upcoming weeks for traveling mercies and what ever else the Lord places on your heart.

There are so many more blessings we look forward to telling you about in our time here at CSOM. We do want to share we were able to connect with some SGWM missionaries although it wasn’t the focus of this trip, the Lord had other plans and continues to open doors in our calling of missionary care.

Deanna Jevas serving in Tijuana
Paul & Claudia Boubion serving in Rosarito
Ryan, Karen & Mackenzie Gause serving in Playas.

We announced in our last newsletter we have a big announcement we want to tell you.  Drum roll please.. After many many months of prayer & counsel, the Lord has lead us to make a decision for Jenn (I) to resign from Hoag Addiction Treatment Center to serve full time in ministry alongside my hubby Pastor Tim in missionary care and equipping at SGWM (Saving Grace World Missions). In these past few weeks the Lord has already confirmed our decision through conversations with others and things said, as well as financially and through His word.  We strongly believe this is from the Lord.  As we take this step of faith, being led by the Holy Spirit, we are so excited for these next steps in our lives.  Please join us in prayer and rejoicing to our Lord for His continual guidance in our calling.  

2 Timothy 1:9

9 who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.

We want to close by thanking you all so much for your faithful friendship, love, and prayers throughout the years. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the 2023 Calvary School of Missions and for us as we travel to Sinaloa with the students.
  2. Please pray for Tim as he leads a team to Perú late September/early October to help host the 2nd annual Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in South America
  3. Please pray for our son Andy as he is still missing and desperately needs Jesus
  4. Please pray for wisdom as we navigate the rest of this year. The calendar for missionary care and equipping is quite full and opportunities are not lacking.  

We love you all so much and thank you for being behind us. Through your generous financial support, you have made this ministry possible for us and we want to let you know that this is the fruit of your labor as well. If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially, or increase your already generous support, you can do so by clicking on the financial button below or mailing your support check to:

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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas