December 2017

From our family to yours, we want to thank you for your partnership in the Gospel, and we wish you a happy New Year filled with growth in the knowledge and understanding of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ!

This month in Gulu it has been hot and dry, but where we are in America it has been literally freezing cold, tomorrow it’s supposed to be -20 F (-29 C) in Omaha, Nebraska, and that’s before the wind chill! But on the same day in Gulu, Uganda it is 90 F (32.2 C)!

At the beginning of this month we were in Gulu, finishing our introduction time there with the team at Terebinth, and Matt was studying hard to teach through 1st and 2nd Chronicles with our partner Luke. They spent a whole week teaching, and after experiencing a piece of what we will be doing in the pastoral school, we are only MORE excited to be working in Gulu! It is such a blessing that God has put us in a place where we can (and are required to) study His Word, and are able to pass it on to those who are hungry for it. What an incredibly humbling and blessed responsibility.

After wrapping up the teaching week, we packed up a few of our belongings and headed back to the USA. We are so grateful to those of you who were praying during our long trip, God was gracious to us in letting the girls sleep and be generally well-mannered on our 3 flights. After 2 days of driving and flying, including a 34 hour Monday (we gained 10 hours in one day), we finally arrived in Colorado Springs. Home! We and our families are thankful to be able to spend the holidays together before we head back to Uganda long-term. We spent some time with Matt’s parents, spent Christmas with Noelle’s family, and made a quick trip to KS to spend New Years with his grandparents in KS.

Christmas with Noelle’s Family, 40+ in all

God has opened the door for us to share what He is doing in Gulu with many groups of people, and we are eager to see what He will bring about during our time here in the States. We will be in the US until all of our required monthly-giving partnerships are met. Our primary goal while here in the US is to stir the body of Christ on towards good work. We pray that what God is doing in Africa will encourage and admonish the body in America. We also hope to get together with any of you that would have us, so please invite us to your homes or to coffee so that we can encourage each other in the Lord. We would love to see you!

God Bless all of you!