Where the Glory shines through

One week down of class, outreaches, and leaving room for Jesus. The Lord has moved in even the last few days. During one of our outreaches, we came alongside Calvary Chapel Vista Del Valle to help in an event for the residence. While we were there, we had an excellent array of kid programs, Games, adult teaching, worship, and evangelizing. In the scorching sun, swiftly, the Lord moved through our team. Once we got to the park, we hit the ground running, playing games and expressing the little knowledge we had of Spanish. 

The kids were so joyful and energized. We played soccer with the kids while the moms got their nails done. A few of our team got a chance to share the gospel with a group of teens. Unfortunately, they didn’t confess to Christ as their Lord. It reminded me about the 10/40 window, where so many people groups have not been reached with the gospel. As the day continued, I had an opportunity to hear a testimony from one of the girls who interns at the Connections House we stayed at. She brought me to tears as she poured out her life story laying out the hard family life she endured. She was abused from a young age. Anger grew as she wondered why a loving God would allow such pain in the world. The Lord soon gave her a chance to leave this life that she was living as she met one of the members of Calvary Chaple and allowed her to accept Jesus as her Lord and savor. She is now serving our team with a beautifully changed heart. Hearing her story reminded me of why I am out here to learn how to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. 

As this week ended, I was in awe of how the Lord answers prayers and moves in a powerful way. So many times, I tend to see a miracle and think that it was pure coincidence. Yet, over and over again, God comes through in a new way. I have been dealing with a lot of self-isolation during my quiet times. But the Lord is sovereign, and He has me in his hands. over and over again, I see the Lord say through situations and even nature saying, “trust in me.” I have never felt closer to the Lord as I learn more about missions and my team. I can’t explain it further from the moment I’ve gotten here, but to say The Lord has indeed called me here. He has blessed me such much with a leadership that wants to get to know you and teach the bible to you. Thank you to all who have taken the time to pray for the team and me. I am so blessed by you all. I have yet to reach my goal for my tuition. If you would like to partner with me on my journey to spread the gospel, please click the link below.

prayer requests

  • To stand against the enemies attacks 
  • For the people here to hear the gospel
  • Our learning of the bible and principles of mission work

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