We made it

We haven’t been at school a week, and the Lord is already challenging our team to see the world differently. Our first teacher, Pastor Trent, has taken us on a journey through the Bible, finding ministry foundations. He challenged us through the Scriptures to humble ourselves before all the nations as Jesus did. Setting the example, “to serve, not to be served,” is found in Matthew 20:28. Another main point that stood out was the progression of Jesus going out and calling disciples. Pastor Trent masterfully put a strong case pointing that many of the disciples knew Jesus before “dropping their nets and following Him” Matthew 4:18. Being at the School of Missions changed our outlook on the great commission.

While the students are, hungry, passionate, and ecstatic to learn about the gospel, we will be going out and street evangelizing to the residences here. On our first outreach, we packed delicious sandwiches to give to the families living at a dumping ground. Yes, you read it right, a dump!  This experience was eye-opening with heaps of waste everywhere. The people there were living in cardboard boxes, and it made me think of the sight of poverty in Haiti. But this is literally in our own backyard. Imagine the amount of discomfort.  While we were there, our team had three opportunities to lead four of the locals to Christ. It made me realize the amount of hope that Christ can bring to others that have nothing.

As we excitedly prepare to go on more outreaches in other locations in Rosarito, would you partner with me, praying for our safety and relationships while serving the people? I as well need to raise my tuition towards the school of 1,300 dollars. If the Lord places it on your heart to partner, here’s a link below. 

Prayer requests: 

For our team that we can focus and draw near to God while we are here

To reach the lost in a connecting way

For the health and wellness of our team




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