The Journey

Over the past few years, I have gotten to travel to 4 different countries for missions. To find many different cultures while experiencing God in a new way. The Lord has given many opportunities to preach the gospel and serve others. Let me pause and say thank you to all who have supported me and prayed for our team. The Lord has shown me there is so much to learn to be a missionary.

Going to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) this year has equipped me to learn practical things for missions and life in general. While there, I was a part of a basketball elective where we took the sport I love so dearly into biblical terms. The most challenging part of the elective was working against the competitive aspect placed in so many sports. I wanted to have a biblical view of both the team and competition aspects of basketball. I had to step back and think about why I was playing.

During the last part of my training (the outreach phase), we traveled to Ukraine and assisted a YWAM base in the country’s capital, Kyiv. The Lord gave us opportunities to work with a middle school and pre-school, be involved with an English club, and minister on the streets. I worked with the preschoolers the majority of the time. Having the chance to teach Bible stories and sing songs with the kids was such a blast. This one boy named Levi, a ball of energy was so much fun to be around, and he always included everyone in his games. He reminded me of Matthew 19:14. In this verse, Jesus doesn’t turn away anyone, including the little ones. It truly is impressive to see how God can show us simple truths even in the smallest avenues.

Now that I’ve graduated from the Discipleship Training School with YWAM, the Lord is leading me to another school. It is a missions training program that’s associated with a church named Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. We will be traveling down to Mexico to a planted church in Rosarito, where we will be learning what it takes to start a new church cross-culturally and taking a deep look into the book of Acts. The departure date is July 11th; I need $1,300 for the trip. The fundraising is a part of my six-week training. Would you please pray for my classmates and me to prepare to be sent off to the school? If the Lord lays it on your heart to partner with me to pursue missions. please click the link icon below.

Thank you for your prayers and support


Prayer needs:
For the team and the church, we will be staying
Spiritual warfare
To learn all that God has for me on the trip

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