An Update From Maggie & Harrison – Garcia Family Update May 2021

Hello Friends!

Some people don’t realize that in a family in vocational ministry like us, the kids are as big a part of the calling as the parents! On this lovely Saturday morning as I write this, I’m sitting in the living room while my two oldest, Maggie (7) & Harrison (5) build a Magnet Tile house. I decided to take the opportunity to interview them for this update; hope you enjoy!

Funny picture from a recent camping trip!

What is your favorite part about mom and dad doing ministry?

Maggie: I like inviting people over and telling them more about Jesus.

Harrison: I like having the young adults group over at our house every Friday night and hanging out with them!

Why do you think dad goes on trips to other countries sometimes?

M: So that he can help other people learn about Jesus. And he visits missionaries that we help support

H: So that he can talk to people, be with people, and share with people about Jesus

What is the hardest part for you when dad goes on a trip?

M: I don’t like it because you aren’t with us, but it’s worth it because when you come home I get to see all the pictures you take.

H: I don’t like missing you, but if you didn’t go, then less people will hear about Jesus and go to be with Him in Heaven.

[Note: Missing my family is also my least favorite part of trips! But Amy and I have taught the kids how important it is for dad to go visit missionaries because it’s part of the gospel going to the nations!]

Dad leading worship on his last trip to Mexico

How do you serve Jesus right now, and how do you want to serve Him when you’re older?

M: I am working on writing books to sell and raise money for missionaries. When I’m older, I want to be an artist and draw pictures from stories of the Bible and write what the story is about.

H: I serve Jesus by giving money to missionaries [note: last year Harrison decided to give some of his birthday money to a missionary we support] and I pray for people. When I’m older, I want to serve Jesus by being a missionary in Australia and Arizona [note: this was news to me this morning!].

The Magnet Tile house came out great

I pray you all enjoyed this update, and I hope you remember to pray for our kids when you pray for our family’s ministry!

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Love in Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, and Clara Garcia