Short Term Missions

The phenomenon of short-term missions team has exploded in the west. Churches are sending out team in record numbers. Which is amazing! However, there are some perspectives that need to be considered for each short-term missionary, team, pastor, and the long-term missionary that will be hosting the team. First, let’s […]

The Impact of Short-Term Missions

“Missions is the province of every Christian, not just of specialists.” – On Being a Missionary The very existence of the New Testament church is because we are suppose to be an evangelistic entity. The role of the pastor/teacher is for the “equipping of the body for the work of […]

Is Missions For Everyone?

I get approached by people all the time who want to go to the mission field and my first question to them is always, “what ministries are you involved in right now?” The answer to this question will tell me a LOT. Most people will rattle off all the ministries […]

The Need for Training & Preparation