What Should I do if I Don’t Know Where I am Called?

I will often here this statement from people – I know I am called to missions, I just don’t know where. What should I do?

First, off be encouraged because God has a plan for you He just needs to prepare you first. Here are some pointers that I will give people:

Get Trained

If you can, jump into some Bible college classes, attend a Perspectives class and read every book you can get your hands on regarding missions.


Get plugged into your churches missions program and volunteer in the home office. Seek to engage yourselves in everything missions that your church is involved in. God will often start impressing your heart with a specific area or task.

Go of Short-Term Trips

We have a saying, “short term missions doesn’t change the world but it does create world changes.” This is true. The impact on a missions team is usually far greater then the impact that you leave with the people you ministered to. So go on every short term trip you can to as many places as you can. We consider these as vision tours. While you are there pray and seek the Lord for His will and ask Him if this is the place for you full-time.


I know this sounds like a Sunday School answer and a little cliché but prayer is the key. It is through prayer that God will often start breaking down walls and opening your heart so that He can speak freely. Maybe, you start a missions prayer meeting for your church? Just make sure you are praying.