How do I know I am called?

I have met many individual missionaries that come home from the mission field because God crossed the door. However, they feel like and are often received home as failures. But is this true? Did you fail in your calling or did you simply misunderstand your calling? When talking about calling […]

How Long is the Call?

Needs and the mission field go hand in hand. The needs are more often then not completely overwhelming. We hear emotional appeals from the pulpit about the starving kids in Africa or the victims of sex trafficking in India and we are stirred to the core to do something. Helping with […]

The Needs are too Great

“Missions is the province of every Christian, not just of specialists.” – On Being a Missionary The very existence of the New Testament church is because we are suppose to be an evangelistic entity. The role of the pastor/teacher is for the “equipping of the body for the work of […]

Is Missions For Everyone?

I have heard many financial appeals from well meaning individuals that say something like, “western missionaries are not needed anymore. It costs to much money. They are two high maintenance. It will take them 10 year before they are really ready and useful for the ministry in such-and-such country because they […]

Should we still be sending missionaries?