At SGWM we often get people that want to go to the mission field but have debt. What do we do? Well, first off we determine what kind of debt the missionary is in. If it is just a car payment that they are finishing off in 3-4 months that […]

Your in Debt?

Working on a missionaries budget is usually the first time a missionary gets mad at me. Why is this? Usually it is because we have two goals. The missionary wants to get to the mission field as quickly as possible with as little support raising as possible and my goal […]


There is a great divide amongst missionaries and the topic of support raising. Some missionaries claim the “George Muller” method and say that they will never talk about money or ask for money. They are simply going to pray and trust God. Or they fall onto the other side and […]

Trust God OR Salesmen Method

Missionaries tend to get what I call “missions tunnels vision” once they get to the mission field. What do I mean by that? I mean that the missionary gets fully engulfed in the ministry (which is not bad) on the mission field and completely forgets everyone/everything else that they left […]

Keeping in Touch with Family, Friends & Donors

Support Raising is probably the most dreaded task a missionary faces. Asking people for money is a complicated issue. In this post we are talking about raising money. I know we all like to use the cliche phrase, “the most important thing people can do is pray” which is true, […]

Support Raising 101