Your in Debt?

At SGWM we often get people that want to go to the mission field but have debt. What do we do? Well, first off we determine what kind of debt the missionary is in. If it is just a car payment that they are finishing off in 3-4 months that is not a big deal. Or if we find that  the missionary has a bad habit of sliding their credit card at Old Navy that is another issue altogether. However, we do have a policy that ALL debt should be paid off before the missionary departs to the mission field. It is not right to raise support and then have some of that support disappear to pay off past debt. So we will work with each missionary to help them develop a plan to get out of debt as quickly as possible. We have had missionaries do this in a matter of months and some do it in a matter of years. The bottom line is that their is an expectation on all our missionaries to be financial responsible.