August 2022

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

We are happy to report that our friend Lydia returned home safely after spending 2 months with us here in Uganda. We thank God that He allowed her an extended period of time off from work to visit with us. She was a great help to the ministry, especially to the Discipleship School. Some of our favorite times during her stay were just having her in our home and village, seeing, hearing, and experiencing firsthand what is going on here. I was very blessed to have one of my own friends from home to spend some time with and share what God has been teaching me. And to finish off her trip we went on a Safari to talk and have a debriefing time; just Lydia, our teammate Cassie, and myself (Noelle). It was both Lydia’s and my first Safari! Our family is so thankful for Lydia and her sacrifice of time and finances to come and share in the work, joys, and struggles here.

Since Lydia went back home we have continued to stay very busy. The pastors and church leaders came together in the first and second classes to work through the book of Leviticus, and we are thankful to the Lord that they have proven their comprehension of such a difficult book. Later on the teachers and student leaders met to prepare their teachings through the book of Numbers. They are truly a dedicated group of men, working hard to handle God’s word with care and precision.

On top of the work as a pastor and teacher, Matt is overseeing the construction of the new school site, which is just across the field from our house. We pray to finish the project by mid-October, when we will host both classes at once with a corresponding grand-opening ceremony. Our original estimations on how much funding was needed to finish the school were low, but we praise God that He continues to provide the difference and we will soon see its completion, all in His timing. Please keep this project in your prayers as we move forward. The discipleship school continues to develop in its curriculum, leaders, and its facilities. Our hope is that it is the church leaders of Uganda are transformed as they interact with God through the entirety of His Word.

Please also praise and pray with us about the upcoming trip of some of my family! My mom, 3 of my older nieces, and a mutual friend will be visiting for about 1 month. Most of the community knows they are coming, and they have all voiced their excitement, especially about meeting my mom. Lord willing, they will arrive in Entebbe on October 3rd. Pray that they will stay in good health and strength during their time here, and that we will be able to share with them in the work God is doing here. I can’t wait to have them here!

In Christ,

Matt & Noelle & Family