Obstacles to Support Raising 155

There is no such thing as a quick path to support raising. Often times missionaries think that it is about sending out one support letter and sitting back to watch the check flood in. They are always sorely disappointed. If God is calling your to become a full-time missionary you need to realize that support raising is going to be a key part of your ministry. You need to take a minute to reflect on exactly what obstacles, personally, that are standing in your way. I am not talking about the actual obstacles of the task. I am talking about you. What obstacles do you need to overcome? Here is a list of the normal obstacles missionaries face:

  • Fear – Let’s be honest asking people for money is a crazy hard thing to do. What if they say, “no.” What if they get angry? What will they think of me? They probably think I am a lazy bum who’s not willing to get a real job. These are all thoughts that every missionary deals with. There is no remedy to this other then that as you step out and start communicating with people it does get a little easier over time. Right now you simply need to recognize that it is fear (assuming it is) and not dismiss it as some Biblical reservation.
  • Conviction– This is a hard topic to dialogue with people over. Because they usually have deep felt “thus saith the Lord” ideas. In this topic I encourage you to seriously seek the Lord and go to the Bible for clarity. Paul was a New Testament missionary but was also sent and supported by local churches. The book of Philippians for example Paul basically says, “thank you” for their “partnership in the Gospel” and later in the book he say, “not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only.” This church faithfully supported Paul and he faithfully communicated with them and thanked them.
  • No Perspective¬†Donors – Many times a missionary doesn’t feel like they have a big enough pool to pull from. They might have a small church. Or no really wealthy family or friends. This in reality is simply a lack of faith. If God is calling you to go He is calling a group of people to send you. You simply need to seek the Lord and step out in faith.
  • Laziness¬†– Most missionaries put their hand to the plow and work till they drop. They are usually extremely disciplines and self motivated people. However, when it comes to support raising they just check out. This is all to often the case. There is no answer to this other then repentance from laziness.
  • Skills – I lack the skills of a good fund raiser. I am not a good public speaker. I can’t write well. The reality is that as a missionary support raising is a skill you will need to work on. You need to read some books and get some training.
  • I just don’t have the time – This is probably by far the most used excuse. And that’s what it is – an excuse. The bottom line is you need to make the time and schedule it into your busy schedule.

You can probably think of 10 more obstacles and I can surely go on. The hard truth is that these are simply obstacles that you need to overcome and conquer in order to be free to go and fulfill your missions calling.