August Update


Dear Ministry Partners, Family & Friends,

What a whirlwind these last couple of months have been! Since our last update, we have found a home to rent, been offered a new ministry position, prayed incessantly, traveled to Wisconsin to pick up a donated vehicle, had our housing fall through and found a different home, packed, moved, accepted the ministry position, taken a deputation trip to the midwest, taken a much needed 10-day family vacation, and secured a mission organization. So we’ve been a little busy!

What’s NextRon will begin his new position in about a week as Outreach & Mercy Ministry Coordinator at our church, Calvary Chapel Rosarito (CCR). We are so excited to begin serving in ministry alongside such an amazing church staff! One aspect of this position will be to assist new church plants through outreaches, by meeting construction needs, etc. Ron will organize and run outreach ministry for all U.S. & Canadian teams that work at and through CCR. Their work will include various combinations of children’s ministry, working with orphanages and feeding programs, outreaches to the dump, construction ministry, etc. Also part of Ron’s job will be to organize outreaches for the local CCR church body. These will include outreaches to the dump, senior center, orphanages, as well as graffiti cover-up outreaches. Lastly, he will organize all donations that come in and set up outreaches to partner with local churches in need to distribute these donations. Kristy is now the official photographer for CCR, shooting photos of special services, events, etc. However, her primary responsibility will be Mom. The whole family will continue to help with teams and will participate in short-term church-planting trips.

Why Not YUGO? If for some reason you missed our last prayer letter, we have resigned from YUGO Ministries as of May. For approximately nine months, the Lord had continually showed us in different 2014-06 Excursion Donation Cways that He had another plan for us. We used that time to pray about a new ministry opportunity, including asking the question, “Is our time here in Mexico coming to an end?” After much prayer and obtaining wise counsel, the answer was clearly, “no”. This was also confirmed by the donation of two vehicles, from two different couples, to our family. We learned so much during our time with YUGO! There are so many amazing, committed YUGO missionaries on the field here in Mexico doing a tremendous work for God’s kingdom. We pray that their ministry will be fruitful and that many will enter heaven one day as a result of their labor.

Prayer Letters & Financial Gifts: Many have asked where to send their support or one-time gifts to help cover the cost of our extra moving and other expenses. The name of our new missions organization is Saving Grace World Missions. They will handle our finances and prayer letters, (which you will receive via email from If you would like to continue receiving our updates, please send us a message at the email address below so we have your current email.

For those of you that are currently financially partnering with us, or would like to begin doing so, this can be done by visiting and clicking on the “Become A Financial Partner” button. If you have an automatic payment set up with YUGO, we ask that you please set up your payment with Saving Grace, and then call (619.336.9003) and cancel your support with YUGO by August 15th.


New Contact Information:


Mailing Address: 511 E San Ysidro Blvd #6355, San Ysidro, CA 92173


We look forward to sharing with you about our upcoming trip to CCR’s first bilingual church plant in La Paz, Mexico! God bless!