I wanted to start by thanking you for coming along with me
and partnering with me in the furthurence of the gospel. We are
now approaching the end of the year, and the Lord has been so
gracious to me through all the opportunities that He has provided.
This past month, the Lord provided an opportunity to serve at a
conference on reaching out to Muslims! This past month, He also
provided a job once again at Starbucks.

Meeting David Wood, an amazing apologist.

The Lord has made it clear to me through prayer and circumstances
that I am to go reach people in the Middle East. I can’t believe
that its almost been a year since I went to the Middle East
on my vision tour. While I was out there, God confirmed the
call that I had felt on my life. And since then, I have been
getting trained on teaching the Bible, and just recently I was
able to run the sound for a conference which focused on
reaching Muslims! The Lord reignited that fire in me for loving
Muslims and seeking to reach out to them, Please pray alongside
with me, so that God would give me love for them, and that
I would be able to learn more about Islam in order to understand how
they think and to be a more effective witness to them. I am
also still raising funds in order to be able to move out
into the Middle East, so please continue to pray, that
the Lord would provide the needed funds. If you feel moved
to partner with me financially, please click on the “Became a Financial Partner” button below.

Working the sound booth at the conference.

There are other interns who have felt called to go out into
the Middle East alongside me, and so we have begun to
pray for the Middle East once a week. Please join us in praying
for the people who live there, that the Lord would show Himself
to them, and that He would start a revival in the Middle
East! If you are interested in joining us in these prayer meetings,
feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a Zoom

Praise the Lord for the job that He has provided. I have
been going to work with the aim to be the best employee
that I can be for His glory. I have also been going in order to
witness to my coworkers. One discipline that I have been doing is to
go to work early, in order to read my Bible and pray for my
coworkers, and pray over my workplace. Please join me in
prayer so that the Lord would help me be an effective witness
in my workplace.

Christmas spirit at work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and for your continued support through the call that the Lord has placed on my life. The job that the Lord has provided is enough to sustain me while I live here, but I am still in need of both one time and monthly support in order to save up the money that is needed to move to the Middle East. Please pray that the Lord would provide the support needed, and if you feel led to partner with me, then please click on the “Become a Financial Partner” button below. Besides the finances, I would love to get to know you and minister to you. Please reach out and lets connect. You can email me at reyes@sgwm.com

Praise reports:

  • The Lord has now provided a job
  • I have received many opportunities to share the gospel.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for those around me, that the Lord would use me to bring the gospel to them.
  • Please pray for the financial support that is needed in order to move to the Middle East.

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