This past month, the Lord has been so gracious to me in the opportunities that have arisen to serve Him. Over the past month, I have been able to begin a growth group, shared the vision that we have for the Middle East at a church and finish the Hebrews class that I had been teaching. I pray that our partnership in the gospel may continue to grow and that this update would be an encouragement to you.

As part of the internship with Saving Grace World Missions, we were charged with starting up what we call growth groups. These are discipleship groups which focus on bringing men together, to do life with one another and grow through the reading and application of the Bible. I have seen this as a way for God to help me grow in my pastoral calling. This past month, we were able to start meeting and we will be going through the book of 1 John, with an emphasis on love, specifically love for one another in the group. My group consists of myself and three other guys that the Lord has charged me with. Please join me in prayer over this group, that the Lord would grow us in love for one another so that we can then go and show love to others.

I was also able to go back to the church where I surrendered my life to Jesus, CC West Grove, and share the vision that the Lord has given us for the Middle East. This night was special to me because I was able to go back to where God first called me, and there, I was able to stir up the young adults to pursue God and desire to spread the gospel to those who haven’t heard. Please join me in prayer for those young adults and all the young adults that God is calling to leave all for the sake of the gospel.

Sharing at CC West Grove

Lastly, this month the Hebrews Skype class came to an end. It was such a huge blessing to be able to lead and teach these students through such a beautiful book. Not to mention how much the Lord used my study and prep time for this class in order to grow me, both in simply studying His word and in my knowledge of His word. I think the biggest blessing though was the last night I was able to spend with them. We were closing out the book, and were going over chapter 13. My last few minutes with the class were sweet. I was able to relate to the author of Hebrews in that moment because we had just finished reading his benediction to his audience and immediately after, I gave the students a benediction in the Lord. I was nearly brought to tears. The fact that I have never physically met these students, yet we now had to part, was a feeling that I can’t describe. We are all a part of the flock of God, and for this season He entrusted me with guiding some of His sheep through His word, and what a blessing it was. Please pray for these students, as they are mostly super baby Christians. Some aren’t even sure about their own salvation. So please pray that they would take to heart what we studied and that they would continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

The vision for the Middle East isn’t gone though. I’m thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be so involved here in America, but my eyes are still fixed on being able to go to the Middle East in order to establish a brand new work. However, this would not be possible without the support of the body of Christ. My prayer continues to be that I would be able to raise up a care team, who would support me through prayer. I also have to be able to have monthly financial support before I can be sent out. If the Lord has ever moved you to be involved in cross cultural missions, but you don’t know how, please consider partnering with me in order to further the gospel together, and partake of the fruit that the Lord will provide.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update, I pray that the Lord used it to move you to continue to Labor for the gospel. I would love to hear about what the Lord is doing in your life, so please leave a comment, or reach out to me and I would love to connect with you.

For His glory,

Bryan Reyes

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