During my last week in Mexico with the school of missions, God provided the next step for me. I was to return to the US and start an internship with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. During the month of September, I finally began that internship and dove into serving at the church right away. We were given our schedules for what a typical week would look like, and have all committed to the internship for a year. Little did I know that I would be returning to Mexico after only being back in the States for around a month.

Right away, I had a vision in mind after getting back from Mexico. The goal was to be part of the internship and with them, to go on a vision tour to the country of Jordan. I have had a burden in my heart for muslim people since I first came to faith in Jesus. And so this door opening up to Jordan seems to me to be a call from God to step through it and see what He has in store for me. We are planning to go to Jordan early February and I am currently saving for a plane ticket, in order to be a part of this vision tour.

Worship and Prayer meeting with the pastors, elders and deacons at CCSG

I had only just begun the internship and was at the end of my second week, when I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandma’s leg was going to be amputated that Sunday. She asked if I would be willing and able to go to Mexico City that same night in order to make it out there and pray with my grandma before her surgery. So that same night I got my ticket and I was on my plane, headed to Mexico, by 6am the next morning. By the grace of God, I was allowed, both by the church and the job I had just gotten hired for, to go down for two weeks. My mission in going to Mexico was to be a light to all the family that I have down there. During my time in Mexico, I was able to pray with my grandma and read the Bible to her every night, as well as help around the house and take some work off my uncle’s hands while my grandma recovered. In the time that I was in Mexico, I saw my grandma go from barely being able to bare the pain, not being able to eat well and just laying down, to having relive from pain, being able to eat and even sit up! God was able to help her up, and both her and my uncle saw this! God answered our specific prayers. I believe that during the time that I was with my grandma, she put her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior! I was also able to share the gospel with so many other family members and even saw some of them realize and accept the fact that they are in need of a savior.

Saying goodbye to my grandma

I loved how God gave me the opportunity to step up and to a call only weeks after coming back from the school of missions. It made me even more excited for what He will do through the trip to Jordan. If reading about this has made you excited as well, then I pray that God will draw you to partnering with me on this mission that He has placed on our lives and that you would want to follow me on this journey that I am now walking in daily. I can’t do this alone. I would love to have your support and prayers in this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of my family in Mexico.
  • Please pray that God would provide for my trip to Jordan.

Praise Reports:

  • God has provided a job for me at Starbucks
  • God has answered me in what would be next after the school of missions.

For His glory,

Bryan Reyes