Record Family in Cambodia Update

Here’s a quick update of what is happening in our ministry in Cambodia.

Trinity Institute of Cambodia

TIC’s 30-Student Classroom

>Darryl’s Evidence and Evangelism Class finished on November 21.  Two  students (one American and one Cambodian) want to share the things that they learned in the class in impoverished villages where they minister.  Another Cambodian student is starting a class to teach this evidence to Cambodian university students.  It is encouraging that our work is multiplying.

The Seeds of TIC’s Library

>The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program will begin in 2013 with 2-week modules in February, May, July, September, and December.  A Christian entrepreneur and management consultant will teach these courses along with some John Maxwell Leadership workshops.  Our goal is for Cambodians to become equipped to start Christ-honoring businesses so that they can support their own churches and organizations which minister to the poor.

Administration Office

>We are planning to start English classes in February.

>The School of Education is working on partnerships with existing teacher-training programs, which have been organized by various missionaries and organizations.  Please pray for God’s will to be done in orchestrating the entire process.

>We are in next step of a long process of registering with the Cambodian government.

>God provided funds for office furniture, bookcases, and 30 desks for students.  It is encouraging to think about all of the students who will sit in those desks and learn to apply Biblical truth to their professional and personal lives as educators and business leaders.

 International Fishers: Christian Evidence Ministry

Christianity: Reasons for Faith

>Darryl will be teaching an intensive 40-hour Christian Apologetics Course at Cambodia Bible Institute from December 11-21.  The textbooks will be Christianity: Reasons for Faith  and Christianity: Discerning Essential Doctrines and Preserving Unity.  

Christianity: Discerning Essential Doctrines and Preserving Unity

>Other media projects are on hold until January.

Kayo’s Music Ministry

>Kayo continues to play the flute with the worship team at church.

>Her music is opening doors to build healthy relationships with non-Christian Japanese and their Cambodian spouses.

Prayer Requests 

>Kayo has been actively sharing the gospel with her parents.  There has been a lot of opposition, emotional pain, and trials related to this.

>Our landlord will sell our house early next year.  We planning to stay here until at least 2016.  Please pray for a smooth process and a good place to rent.

>We thank God for the successes and breakthroughs in our ministries in 2012.  However, all of these battles have left us feeling emotionally drained.  Please pray that God will minister to us and give us the encouragement, strength, and confidence to continue on His paths.