October Ministry Update

Flooding Update:

Flooding in Downtown Kampong Chhnang

Two weeks ago, we were concerned about the 10 year flood that Cambodia is experiencing.  Already a national disaster, if the waters had continued to rise it could have turned into a catastrophe.  Even though we live on a hill, our backyard turned into a pond and we were concerned that the water could come into our house.  We were also concerned that National Road #5 could  become too flooded for us to drive to Phnom Penh.

We asked for prayer.  Soon, the rains stopped for a few days allowing the water to subside some.  Even though there were a couple more rainstorms last week, the flooding is beginning to go down. There is no more risk of getting cut off from Phnom Penh, where we must go for supplies and medical care.

One more adventure that came from the flooding was that we found and killed a snake in Benjamin’s

playroom.  We can’t figure out what kind of snake it was.  There are 86 species of snakes in Cambodia and 17 of them are venomous.

Snake found in Benjamin’s Playroom

We thank God that Benjamin did not disturb the snake while playing.  We will need to be extra careful   when we move old boxes in preparation for moving to Phnom Penh on December 6.

Trinity Institute of Cambodia

Darryl started drafting the constitution

The future home of TIC

and Human Resource Policies in October.  Lord willing, the board will approve everything in December or January so that we can move forward.  TIC will sublease office and classroom space in a school building probably starting in December if the building is completed. Certificate classes could begin as soon as March, 2012 but there is so much to do between now and then.

  • Please pray for wisdom and unity for Dr. Kwong (CEO), Darryl (COO), the board, and future teachers.
  • Please pray for efficiency and wisdom in establishing the constitution and policies that will help keep this institution true to its Christian founding.
  • Pray for financial provision for the set up of the office, classrooms, staff, and student recruitment.

Book Update

Darryl and Doug are making final revisions to their book, Christianity: Reasons for Faith. In November, they will begin turning in chapters to Fount of Wisdom Publishing for translation into the Cambodian language.  Lord willing, the book will be published in English-Khmer bilingual format in early 2012.

  • Please pray for special wisdom in the editing, translation, translation checking, and publishing process.
  • Please pray for wisdom and provision in setting the final budget for this book.   God has blessed us with a large portion of the funds already.

Anchors of Faith Radio Program

Darryl has written 12 scripts for the Truth segment of the 30 minute radio program, Anchors of Faith: Truth, Relationships, Experience. The staff at FEBC Family FM 99.5 in Phnom Penh have produced around ten complete programs.  Lord willing, the weekly program will start being broadcast,  on the radio station beginning in January 2012. Around half of Cambodia’s 14 million population live in the broadcast area of this radio station.  After broadcast the program will be available in areas that don’t get the radio signal on CDs or MP3.

  • Please pray for wisdom and stamina for Darryl and the rest of the FEBC team to be able to produce 52 programs each year.
  • Continue to pray for FEBC Cambodia’s finances.  They have had go off the air on Saturdays.

Family Prayer Requests

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support for our family  that God uses to empower us to continue or ministry in Cambodia.

  • Please pray for our family’s health and protection. Especially for Benjamin who recently seems to be in danger from sickness,  falls  etc.
  • Please pray for strength and stamina to finish our time in Kampong Chhnang well.
  • Please pray for guidance for Darryl as he prepares 3 devotions for Tahas Bible Institute and 2 sermons for Toul Ksaich Church, and delivers them in Khmer language.