August Ministry Update: Part 3

Mission and Prayer Team from Japan August 25-30: The Ordinary is the foundation for the Extraordinary

Japanese Team Praying For Cambodians

On the surface, they were very quiet, polite, and very Japanese.  Pastor Kita from Kayo’s home church, Tokyo Chapel, accompanied a team of six church members from Tokyo Grace Church, which was made up of a two university students, two corporate workers, a language teacher, and a pastor’s wife. Even though they were with us for only five days, we can honestly say it was an EXTRAORDINARY time!

What made the time so extraordinary was that this team was very committed to prayer.  They started each day with devotions and intensive prayer.  Everywhere they visited they prayed intensely.  After meeting the team and taking them to meet and pray for Precious Women Ministry, which helps Cambodian women escape from prostitution, Kayo returned to the guesthouse and told Darryl, “When they prayed, I sensed that the demons flinched and ran away.”

We took them to Kampong Chhnang, a place where we have experienced a lot of spiritual warfare and oppression.  Everywhere they prayed, Darryl sensed the darkness lifting, even though he could not understand their prayers.

The team hosted a special meeting in our house in which they shared their testimonies and encouraged the Cambodian Christians not to compromise their faith despite the pressure from their families and culture.  They also went from place to place in Kampong Chhnang praying for the Bible School, The English and Computer School, and the local Church as well as praying at the Pastor’s, Elders’,  and a Church Members’ home.  They prayed for healing for the sick and steadfastness for the Christian leaders.

We believe that God really used their prayers to make a breakthrough in many of the areas of our life and ministry.  They were able to raise funds to build a room and bathroom for a young church family whose 27 year old husband and father has total kidney failure and is only surviving because of donations for dialysis.  They also led worship, gave testimonies, and Pastor Kita gave the message with the help of Darryl’s former student Seila, who could translate from Japanese to Cambodian.  Seila was Darryl’s English student back in 2001.  She accepted Christ in a student Bible study he was leading.  Later, she won a scholarship and earned a BA and MA in Japan and became fluent in Japanese.  It was very encouraging for us to see the seeds planted ten years ago, bearing fruit in Seila’s life and testimony.

While we praise God for the team’s service, we believe that their ministry of prayer was even more important.  Sometimes short-term teams come to Cambodia so consumed with service that they overlook the importance and power of prayer.  The “work” of ministry can always be done by the long term missionaries but we need the spiritual breakthroughs and cover that only intensive prayer can bring.