My Story

A Rough Start

I was born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family in the 10/40 Window*. I have a father, brother and sister. I did not get my mother’s love, because after I was born my mother ran away with another man.

My step mom did not like me, so I was brought up in my grandparent’s home. They raised me according to the Hindu faith. When I was very young, my grandmother died. After that, I was totally hopeless and helpless because there was no one to love me except my grandfather. It was a very hard time for us, so my grandfather sent me to a government boarding school to study. During my summer vacations, I worked very hard to pay for my school uniform and fees.

A Second Chance

Reading a Gospel Tract, Like This One, Changed Pastor 3’s Life

I had a strong faith in the gods and goddesses of my forefathers. I used to follow all kinds of rituals. Many times I fasted (without food) during Hindu festivals. Still, I was struggling day-by-day and facing many challenges in my life. Because of this, there was no peace in my heart. I decided to and tried to commit suicide three times. I totally failed.

In order to amuse myself and to get my mind off my problems, I started going to the theater to watch Hindi movies. One day, when I was standing in line to get my ticket, I saw two of my seniors coming towards the theater. I asked them to join me, but they refused saying, “We quit watching movies.” They then gave me a Gospel tract. I immediately started reading it. However, I could not understand many things in it completely. So the two men explained to me about Jesus Christ. When I heard them, I felt peace in my heart.

After that, they invited me to their Bible training center. The next day, August 13th 1996, I went. Some of the staff shared the Gospel of Jesus with me and gave so many examples. That same day I confessed my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior! In order to know more about Jesus, I joined the Bible training center. Two months later, during my training period, I was baptized.

After that, I started praying for my family members. It was a big challenge for me to tell them about Jesus. But God made a way to share the Gospel. Now all of them are Christians!

A New Beginning

Praising the Lord Together at Our New Church Plant

God gave me a burden for perishing souls. After completing my Bible training, I went to the mission field to plant churches. By God’s grace, I planted three churches in different areas. After six years of ministry, my leaders decided to send me to the South for further education. After completing my degree, I served the Lord in various responsibilities for twenty years. Meanwhile, I got married and was blessed with a beautiful daughter. My wife and I have been serving the Lord together ever since.

God opened the door to serve the Lord with SGWM. Now, I am assisting Pastor 15* in teaching at the Pastor’s School as well as in a local church we planted. I am glad that I and my family are growing in His Word. I am so very grateful to my Lord for choosing me for His ministry! We are very blessed and privileged to serve Him, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

*Names, Faces and Locations have been changed or omitted for security reasons.