“Sending Out The Twelve”

These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans. But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.  – Matt 10: 5-7

So much to tell you about what God has been doing in and through the students here at CSOM (Calvary School of Missions). It has only been 2 weeks and we have already been able to pour into the hearts of these young men & women.  One way I (Jenn) have been able to build up rapport with a few students is by taking early morning walks before devotionals.  Talking to these young ladies and building a relationship and trust by pouring Jesus upon them. One of the students mentioned how she has realized the way she had been living at home was a lie.  Another student expressed her concerns when she returned home, how she would be judged by her faith.  Listening to theses students hearts and pouring into them, has been edifying to them and myself.  These students are truly pumped up for reaching the nations.  We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for all these students as they continue to open their heart to the teachings of His Word by the SGWM (Saving Grace World Missions) pastors.  

This past week we have had the opportunity to visit a dump ministry where Pastor Eddie Mijares from CCHomex began ministry several years ago.  This dump has a variety of men & women living at this dump in exchange for work.  Most of the men and women living at this dump are addicted to drugs & alcohol and have debts to pay. They work in exchange to paying their debts and cannot leave until these debts are paid off.  As we were walking around the dump, I saw small shacks that were made out of cardboard and scrap wood.  We prayed as we approached their living arrangements for divine appointments to preach the gospel into their hearts.  There were a few women and men that received the gospel and one woman received Jesus into her heart and had the desire to leave the dump and receive help for her addiction.  Pastor Eddie had to pay her debt off which was not a lot and was taken to the women’s rehab.  A few days later we heard a man decided he wanted out of that life and was able to leave the dump as well.  

Sharing the gospel and praying for the people in the community.

And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation, but as it is written – Romans 15:20-21


The woman sitting down near the burning fire is the woman who gave her life to Christ and was willing to go to rehab for her addiction disorder.

It has been such an awesome week, We are speechless at the work of our King. We were able to pour into the people at the dump, pray for them and encourage them. Most of the people at the dump have been there for awhile and know other way to live. CC Homex will continue to minister to this community with the hope of Jesus. We are also very frustrated and challenged with the many lost souls who are denying Jesus. We continue to walk by faith and not by sight, praying for the lost. We have faith that the people at the dump will be saved!

We also had the privilege of visiting Pastor Jose Luis & Cindy Pesina’s church “Gracia del Calvario” Vista del Valle, Tijuana.  We began setting up for an outreach at a near by dirt park with games, food, a teaching from the Word, pouring into the community with the love of Jesus.  We handed out food bags for the community with Bibles, hot dogs, testimonies, a Teaching from the Word of God. We also had the opportunity to evangelize on the street, pray for the community.

The students are being stretched and used in mighty ways. We have seen such growth in all of them by stepping out in faith doing the uncomfortable things such as face painting, crafts, teaching in front of a large crowd. God is transforming these students into future disciples right before our eyes. How cool is this! We get to be a part of this amazing school.

It was a huge blessing to serve at Gracia del Calvario. Tim and a student witnessed to a young man in the park off to the side sitting alone with a pipe in his hand, barely surviving. Tim shared his testimony, prayed for him, and gave him a Bible. Later, we saw the man riding off on his skateboard with the Bible in his hand. Our first thought was “he kept the Bible” – we pray he will read it and receive Jesus! Another opportunity came up where a woman wanted prayer, a few of the students along with Pastor Jose Luis prayed with the woman and she began vomitting. It was evident she had a demon inside of her. They continued to pray for her through this and she wanted to live a life with Jesus.

A little girl came up to me (Jenn) before we left the park and asked when were we coming back. I gave her a hug and shared how much Jesus loves her and to go home and invite her family to church.

We ended the day by spending time with the youth at Gracia del Calvario by playing worship, one of the CSOM students shared their testimony and the ladies at church provided enchiladas for dinner. They were so yummy! We were all blessed by good fellowship & food. Cindy & Pastor Jose Luis shared their testimony on how they were called to the mission field.

We (Tim and I) are ecstatic to be here in Mexico together leading, training & pouring into these students. We are so blessed. We love these young future disciples and can’t wait to see what the Lord will do inside of their hearts during these next few weeks.

We love to end the day with worship and praying for our nation!

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