His Grace Sustains Us

But they who wait for theĀ Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. ___Isaiah 40:31

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings, from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we praise God that we all are fine by the grace of God, and we pray for all of you and your families to be fine. The weather is changing rapidly here and the official start of the winter season is just at the doorstep at this point.

Sickness and Recovery

Last month has been tough in this sense that it brought with it spread of fever all around and as the Covid-19 pandemic still continues to spread and kill many, this kind of fever and sickness has much horror attached with it. Our family also suffered from it, during the middle of last month I felt weakness and fever, but I though it will go away in a day or two. In next few days, there were different kinds of body aches and then suddenly I lost the senses of smell and taste. It was really horrifying for me humanely speaking, though spiritually I had much encouragement. I had medical tests and was diagnosed with an attack of Covid-19. Next two weeks were not easy, the medication continued and finally by the grace of God and prayers of all of you dear friends and family I am fine. The weakness because of that sickness of three weeks is still there but I am getting better day by day.

During this time, my wife started having stomachache, we thought she had kidney pain, because it was the case in the past, but after medical check up we learned that she has stomach ulcer. She is now on medication for next two weeks, we believe that she will be fully recovered from this soon, we want to ask you for your prayers.

Church/Ministry/Bible Classes

We praise God that our church, ministry and Bible classes are goin on again as routine. We are thankful to you all for the prayers. Our online classes and weekly classes at our home have started again.

Our ministry among brickmakers has some really awesome results. We are teaching the Word of God to these simply and depressed people and many of them are being convicted and are coming forward to be baptized to proclaim God’s saving work through His grace in their lives.

Our ministry in the desert area is going really well. Our friends there in the desert area not only arrange our weekly Bible study class there, but they travel to different areas with Bibles, free books, audio Bibles and minister to the unreached people near and far.

Our village church is thriving and people are growing spiritually. We have evening service in the village when all these peasants get free from their work and get together at church for worship and prayer. We are going through the the gospels in our teaching to these villagers.

We are thankful to you all for the prayers, support and care. We praise God for what He has always been doing here through CC Pakistan. Please continue to pray for us. God bless you all!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

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