he who calls you is faithful

I hope you are doing well!

I want to thank you for your prayers. In my last update, I had asked for you to pray for a new job since the schools have been closed, and God provided! I have been delivering groceries and I recently also started working part time for the preschool again. Since the COVID season has started, I have been able to enjoy more time with my family and really focus on studying the Word of God. I have also been able to practice teaching the Bible once a week as part of the internship I am still doing with Saving Grace. As much as I fear speaking in front of others and feel completely inadequate to teach, it has been great practice for me and I hope to continue to grow in this area for the sake of the Gospel. When Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples, He said, “Teach them to observe all things that I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:20). So whenever I feel like giving up or want to run away from teaching/speaking, I remember the reason that I am doing it. It is for my Lord. I love Him and want to obey Him in the great commission by teaching His Word and discipling people of all nations, beginning where I am in my own country.   

I still believe that God is leading me to the Middle East, but with COVID going on around the world, I am not exactly sure when God will open the door for me to go. So in this season, I am continuing to pay off my student loans (hopefully by the end of the year!) and am praying for God to use me in making disciples here. As I have been spending more time at home, I have seen God working in the hearts of my family members. In times when it seems they are too far gone, I am reminded of 1 Timothy 4:16, which says, “Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.” As I continue to walk with the Lord and share His love and Word with my family members, I can trust that God is faithful and He will draw them to Himself.  

As far as church goes, I have been learning how to live stream the services and have been continuing to serve in children’s ministry. It looks a lot different now because of COVID. A lot more work has to be done in order to maintain a safe, clean environment, but it’s worth it because the Word of God continues to go forth in these uncertain times when we need it most.

I have also been reading a lot of stories about God’s work in the Middle East. I read one powerful testimony of a man named Monthir. He grew up in a Muslim home and became more serious about his faith as a teenager. He studied the Quran, fasted, prayed, and visited the mosque frequently. Although he was very religious, he always felt a great void within him and felt far from God. He struggled with fears of where he would go when he died and he knew in his heart that he was enslaved to sin. As he read the Quran one day, he discovered the uniqueness of Jesus. The Quran says that all prophets have sinned and need God’s forgiveness, except for Isa (Jesus). The Quran also says that Jesus performed miracles unmatched by anyone else. This made Monthir wonder: Was Jesus just a prophet? Or was He someone greater? This question led him to studying the Quran deeper. He read from beginning to end in hopes of finding the answer. He came across one verse that said if the revelation through the prophet Mohammed is doubted, one should look into “the book from before.” Monthir said this verse was the key to answering all his questions and freeing him from his doubts. He realized that the “people of the book” that the Quran talks about was referring to Jews and Christians and their books in the Old Testament and the Gospels (Injeel). Monthir quickly bought himself a Bible and read the book of John. He read about how Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). That is when he realized that Jesus is more than a prophet; He is God. He read about how Jesus came to the earth to save man from sin by paying the price for sin on the cross. He asked for Jesus to forgive him and free him from his bondage to sin. God delivered him from the power of Satan and from the lies of Islam and opened his eyes to the truth of Jesus Christ. To be a Christian in his country comes with persecution, but Monthir made it his life’s ambition to share the love of Jesus to the Muslims around him. There are so many other stories like Monthir’s all over the Middle East. God is drawing many to Himself. But still many have yet to hear the good news of Jesus and that is why I’m continuing to pray for God to prepare me to go in His perfect timing. 

Although everything seems uncertain these days, I am thankful that our God is unchanging and that He remains constant. One of my favorite quotes lately has been, “never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God,” by Corrie Ten Boom. It’s true. The future is uncertain! BUT I know that my life is in God’s hands and His plans will come to pass. I have been meditating on His promise found in 1 Thessalonians 5:24: “He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.” I know that He has called me. First and foremost He has called me to Himself, and second, He has called me to do His work. Only by His Spirit in me can I do His work; I am simply His vessel.

 I thank all of you for your constant love and support. I couldn’t fulfill my calling without each and every one of you. Together, we can bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. 

Please let me know how I can be praying for you in this time! I would love to hear how you have been doing and what God is up to in your life. God bless you and keep you!  


Andrea Manor 

Praise Reports

– God provided a job delivering groceries!

– I have seen God working in the hearts of my family members. 

Prayer Requests

– Please continue to pray for my family members’ salvation and that I would be His witness to them.           

– For me to continue growing in the Word of God.

My Times are in Your Hand

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy in the midst these crazy times. 

As you may already know, I returned from Israel and Jordan a while ago. I had such an awesome time there and I’m excited to finally share a little bit about the trip with you. First of all, I am so glad that the Lord took me there at just the right time! It wasn’t until after we got back that the virus started spreading worldwide. His timing is absolutely perfect! 

The first few days of the trip were spent in the Holy Land of Israel. I had never thought that I would get to go there in my life, but I’m so thankful that I was able to before going to Jordan. I got to travel pretty much all over Israel in a Biblical tour- from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee and more! One of my favorite places to visit was the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee and its surrounding regions was where Jesus spent the majority of His 3 year ministry. I got to see where He walked on water and where the wind and waves obeyed Him. It was the place where He called some of His disciples to follow Him and become fishers of men (Matthew 4:19-20).  It was a much-needed reminder about what the Lord has called me to do with my life no matter where I am- to follow Him and lead others to Him. The Gospels came alive to me in a new and profound way while being there.

A boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Another place that I LOVED was Caesarea by the Mediterranean Sea! This ancient city had one of the most significant seaports during the time of the Book of Acts. Not only was it a commercial hub for goods to be transported, but it was also a hub for the Gospel to go forth through Paul’s missionary journeys. I took this photo by an ancient post that was used to tie up ships that were docked in the harbor. Perhaps it was used for one of the ships Paul sailed on for one of his missionary journeys!

This post represents the seaport that was the gateway to the entire world in the Apostle Paul’s day.

Before arriving in Israel, our pastor gave all of us a copy of the New Testament in Hebrew to give to someone. I prayed specifically for the Lord to bring me some young girls who I could give the Hebrew Bible to, and He answered my prayer! While waiting in line at a store in Israel one day, I turned around to see 2 teenage girls standing behind me! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to give them the Bible (totally my fault), but I did get to talk to them a little bit about why I was in Israel and learn about their beliefs briefly with the help of our amazing tour guide who translated for me. I’ve continued to pray for those 2 girls and I hope they will come to know and believe in Jesus as their Messiah. 

As we were leaving Israel to cross the border into Jordan, I happened to be reading in the Book of Joshua. As the Lord led Joshua and the Israelites to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, the Lord was also leading us as we crossed the Jordan River from the promised land of Israel into the country of Jordan. The Lord commanded Joshua not to be afraid, but to be strong and of good courage because He was with him (Joshua 1:9). Joshua could have been afraid of many things. He was entering into new territory that was inhabited by many people. I also could have been afraid entering into a new land that has a majority Muslim population. But the Lord reminded me that He is with me wherever I go, and I need not be afraid, just as He was with Joshua many many years ago.

Our time in Jordan went by so quickly. We spent the week seeking the Lord and getting to know the Jordanian church there. We got to see their ministries for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. They have a school for refugee children since they are unable to attend Jordanian schools. They have a dental and medical clinic that provides services for the refugees and other people in their community. They minister to the refugee women by helping them sew so that they are able make an income selling their products. They also offer English classes to the refugees as many of them are in the process of relocating to Australia. We were able to join the Jordanian church in visiting refugee families in their homes. We visited both Muslim and Christian families. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget! I got to hear their stories of having to flee their countries. They shared their pains and sorrows, but they also expressed their gratitude for getting to be where they are today. I’ve read about ISIS and war in the Middle East for years, but meeting people who actually lived through such tragedies has helped me grasp the reality of it a little bit more. Of course as an OC girl I’ll never fully know what they went through. I can only imagine. But still my heart breaks for them. Jesus is the only hope for full healing and restoration. For us who believe, the only thing we have to offer is Jesus. Keep the Jordanian church in your prayers as they continue to minister to the refugees. 

We got to see the land where the future Bible school will be and pray over it. It’s on top of a mountain overlooking the town of Jericho and the Dead Sea in Israel. If God wills, I would love to return and be a part of the work God is doing over there. There is an opportunity to teach English to the refugee women and/or children. But for now God has me in America as I am still working on paying off my student loan before I can move out of the country. Who knows what God will do in the midst of everything that is going on with the virus. All I can do is trust that my times are in His hand and be faithful to what He has for me here and now. In His time and way, He will open the door for me to go and make Him known among the nations, among those that have yet to hear His Gospel. Please pray that I don’t lose heart as I wait upon Him.

I wish I could write all about what I did and saw in Israel and Jordan, but it’s just so much! I would love to have a cup of coffee with you over the phone to share more with you and hear about how you are doing during this time. Let me know! Thank you for your love and support in my calling. I couldn’t do it without you. Together we will bring the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth!

Praise Reports:

-God allowed me to travel to Israel/Jordan at the perfect time!

-He spoke to my heart while in Israel/Jordan and gave me a heart to see the Gospel reach the Middle East

Prayer Requests:

-That I would use my free time in seeking the Lord and studying His word as I am no longer working since schools are closed

-That God would provide a job for me (I’ve been applying to grocery stores)

-That my family would believe in Jesus in these uncertain times

How can I be praying for you? Let me know!

In Him,

Andrea Manor

A Step of Faith

I hope you had a great time celebrating Christmas and the New Year!

Since my last update, I have seen the Lord answer prayer and provide in some pretty awesome ways! As many of you may know, I have been praying for the opportunity to become a substitute teacher so that I can have a more flexible schedule to better focus on preparing to go out as a long-term missionary. Well, the Lord has heard our prayers and has blessed me with a substitute-teaching job at Anaheim Elementary Unified School District! Thank you all for praying with me! Now I will have more time to dedicate to my internship at Saving Grace World Missions. BUT I am also a little scared about leaving my current job at the preschool/after school program because I have been there for years! It’s going to be hard leaving the kids that I’ve grown to love, and it’s also going to be a challenge as a substitute teacher because I will be at a different school, in a different classroom everyday. I know that this will definitely make me depend on the Lord more.

Another praise report is that the Lord has provided for every penny that I needed to go to Jordan! I leave TOMORROW (January 26) and will be returning on February 10! We will be flying into Israel and spend a few days there before we cross the border over to Jordan. I am so thankful to have seen the Lord provide in such a short amount of time. I’ve witnessed the Lord put it on the hearts of His people to support me in going on this vision tour. I don’t know what will come out of this trip, but I know that God has something for me there. The team and I will get to know the pastor and people of a Jordanian church and join them in visiting some refugee families. We will also get to see the land where the potential Bible school will be. All of us going on this trip are praying about possibly moving to Jordan to start this Bible School. As I have shared before, the vision for this school is to raise up men and women in the word of God so that they can be thoroughly equipped to reach Muslim communities in Jordan and in surrounding nations. Please pray for me and for the rest of the team as we seek the Lord! May He speak clearly to us and may we be surrendered to whatever He has, whether it means moving to Jordan or somewhere else! I am so excited for what He is going to do and I look forward to sharing with you all how the trip goes.

Something that the Lord has been speaking to my heart has been 2 Corinthians 3:5-6: “not that we are sufficient of ourselves, to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter, but of the Spirit…” I’ve been struggling with so many fears about the future and wondering how I’m ever going to fulfill God’s call, but reading these verses has been setting me free from those fears. It’s true; on my own I am not nor will I ever be sufficient, BUT my sufficiency comes from God and who He has made me in Him. Anything that He will call me to do must be done by His strength and through His Holy Spirit. The work is His. I’m only a pen in the hands of the Writer. I hope that these verses speak to your heart as they have been speaking to mine.

Thank you all so so much for your constant love and support. I couldn’t fulfill the Lord’s calling on my life without you! How can I be praying for you? Please message me with your prayers requests. I want to hear about what God is doing in your life too, and I would love to meet with you for coffee when I return from the Middle East! 

Please pray for:

  • The Lord to cast out every fear in me as I step out of my comfort zone and take this step of faith.
  • For the Lord to speak clearly to me and to every member of the team as we seek Him during our vision tour to Jordan.
  • That we would all be united in the Holy Spirit.
  • Provision for a car when I return (my car’s transmission is dead)

I love you all!


Andrea Manor

A Season of Waiting

Hello my friends and family! 

I hope that you are doing well. 

Over the past three months, I have been adjusting in my internship at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace.  As an intern, I have been serving in the children’s ministry as a kindergarten-2nd grade teacher and have been taking Bible classes led by some of the pastors here in order to strengthen my foundation in the Word of God. We have been studying the book of Acts and Ephesians and have also been taking a financial class to learn how to steward our finances wisely and biblically. One of my favorite parts of being a part of this internship is having a family in Christ. I am constantly in fellowship with other believers who are passionate and committed to seeing the Gospel reach every nation, tribe, and tongue. This is something I’ve longed for and without a doubt it was the Lord who led me to be here!

Celebrating Thanksgiving with some awesome sisters!

In addition to this internship, I have also been working full time at a preschool/after school tutoring program. I love my job and have been working there for over 4 years! I have seen the Lord work mightily in the lives of my dear students, but my schedule has been crazy busy working from 9-6 Monday-Friday while also trying to stay focused on my internship responsibilities and preparing to be a long-term missionary. So, I am currently in the process of applying to be a substitute teacher for a couple of school districts. If I get the job, my schedule will be much more flexible and I will be able to better prepare and focus on interning at Saving Grace. I ask that you please pray for me in this! May the Lord place me in the school district that He would have me be in, and may He also give me patience as I wait for this new job.

The past three months have also been a time of battling fears and learning deeper trust and contentment in the Lord. It was my plan to be on the mission field as soon as I graduated, but it’s been a year since I finished school and yet I’m still here. There are often times where I’ll be questioning whether the Lord even called me or not. I’ll think, “Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe this desire to GO is just my own and not His. Maybe the Lord doesn’t have a plan and I’m just going to live and die here and not see Him move among the nations.” But then I’ll remember all that the Lord has spoken to me in the past and all the times that He has confirmed the calling. The Lord does have a plan! His plan isn’t what I originally thought it would be (I thought I would be living in Rwanda serving and loving orphans and street children by now), but He is calling me to trust in Him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding (Proverbs 5:6).  He is calling me to deeper contentment in Him. I am complete in Him (Colossians 2:10). Being on the field won’t make me complete, but I am complete in Him right where I am. I am continuing to acknowledge Him in all my ways, so I can rest in His promise that He will direct my paths (Proverbs 5:7). I know that He still has me in the States because He is strengthening and equipping me in His word and is building my character. I am also still in the USA to pay off a student loan. In His timing, I know that He will open the door for me to GO make Him known among the nations!

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was praying about going on a vision trip to the country of Jordan in late January. Since I have been working to pay off my student loan, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to afford going to Jordan on my own. So I asked the Lord that if He wanted me to go, then He would need to provide the funds needed. Not too long after I prayed that, the Lord put it on the hearts of a few people to support me financially without me asking them! The Lord hears our prayers! So with the support of these people, I was able to purchase my flight to go to Jordan from January 26-February 10. The Lord provided for the flights, so I have faith that He will provide the rest of the money needed for the trip for lodging, visas, and transportation. This vision tour will be a time to see the country and the people and meet with the pastor of a Jordanian church who is partnering with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace to start a Bible School. The goal of this Bible School is to train up believers in the word of God so that they can go into surrounding Muslim nations with the Gospel.

Thank you all so much for your continual support in my calling. I couldn’t do this without your prayers and financial support! How can I pray for you? I would love to meet with you over coffee to talk about what the Lord is doing in my life and also to hear about what He is doing in yours! I hope to hear from you! Together, we can bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Praise Reports

-The Lord provided for my flight to Jordan!

-I recently attended a Christmas dinner hosted by Voice of Refugees (VOR) and I met a Muslim refugee family from Yemen and a Muslim lady from Jordan! We enjoyed a meal together and I will be hanging out with them again soon! 

-The Lord has been using me to share His love and truth to my students and He is totally working in their young hearts. A few of them come from Buddhist homes, but I have been able to see them grow in their faith in JESUS! 

Prayer Requests:

-That the Lord would provide for the rest of the trip to Jordan 

-That the Lord would open the door for me to be a substitute teacher

-That I would trust in Him deeper 

-For the salvation of my family

I love and appreciate you all.

In Him,

Andrea Manor


Greetings my dear friends and family!

I am back from Mexico! I can’t believe my six weeks at Calvary School of Missions has come to an end. The time went by incredibly fast. Although I was sad to finish the school, I’m excited to start a new season of preparing to go out as a long-term missionary. I know that the School of Missions was only the beginning of what the Lord has in store for my life! I am excited to announce that I will be interning at Saving Grace World Missions, a missions agency started by Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. As an intern, I will be taking Bible classes in order to strengthen my foundation in the Word of God. I will be learning how to prepare a Biblical message and will get to practice delivering it in front of leaders and other interns. I will also be serving in the children’s ministry! The reason for this internship is to help prepare me to serve in similar ministries when I am a part of a church plant in the near future.

Learning Surrender

My last two weeks in Mexico were filled with ministry and learning. We attended a church planting conference at Calvary Chapel Rosarito where I was able to learn from experienced church planters. While I was there, the Lord confirmed His calling on my life to be a part of a new work! Just as Paul made it his aim to preach the Gospel where Christ had not been named (Romans 15:20-21), so I know the Lord is calling me to do the same. It has been unbearably hard surrendering my plans for the future to the Lord. As many of you may know, I had been planning to move to East Africa with my best friend to serve street children and orphans. Of course, I still love the children of East Africa with all my heart and would love to be with them again, but the Lord has also been burdening my heart for the billions of people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ (this region of the world is known as the 10/40 window). East Africa, for the most part, is saturated with the Gospel. Of course there are still so many physical and spiritual needs there, but for the most part, the Word of God is accessible to the majority of East Africa. I desire nothing more than to be in the Lord’s will for my life. I have come to a place where I am willing to go wherever the Lord leads me. If He wants to send me to a people that have never heard of Him, then by His strength I will go! But if He wants me to return to Rwanda and pour my life into the children there, then so be it! He has a perfect plan. I must trust Him wherever He leads me. The Lord has been speaking to me through these scriptures:

“For you shall go to all whom I send you.” –Jeremiah 1:7

“I have found David the son of Jesse a man after My own heart, who will do all my will.” –Acts 13:22

“For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God…” –Acts 13:36

Surrender isn’t a one-time thing (though I wish it were!) Surrender is something we must do every moment of every day. I want to do all the Lord’s will and serve my generation by His will, just as King David did! This will require that I continually surrender to Him. If I’m honest, the idea of surrendering to Him used to be torturous to me. But when I stop and think of how He gave His life for our salvation, I am reminded of how He truly is worthy of my all. 

The small town of Colonet, Mexico.

An Open Door

With that being said, a door has been opened for me to go on a short vision tour to the country of Jordan in late January. For quite some time now, my heart has been stirring for Muslims. Even when I was in Rwanda, my friend Nancy and I were drawn to a Muslim neighborhood and I was able to share the Gospel with a Muslim in the market.  The Lord has put it on the hearts of the leaders at Saving Grace to plant a Bible School in Jordan in order to raise up Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi refugees as disciples of Jesus Christ with the vision of sending them out to surrounding Muslim countries to make disciples. This vision tour will be a time to see the country and the people and meet with the pastor of a small Jordanian church who is partnering with Saving Grace to start this Bible School. I will continue to update you as the time approaches and I have more details!

A Divine Appointment

There are so many stories I could share about what the Lord did in my last two weeks in Mexico, but the one I’m choosing to share is one of my favorites. We spent one afternoon serving a woman in Puerto Nuevo by cleaning her yard and putting new steps in it. My task was to clean up the trash surrounding her home and it didn’t take long to finish. There were more than enough hands working on installing the steps, so once I had finished my task I felt pretty useless and didn’t know what to do! I prayed for the Lord to give me something to do and not too long after I met a little 8 year-old girl named Britani who happened to be in the neighborhood. I started talking to her and noticed that she was sad. She then shared with me that her mother had died of an illness 2 years ago. I asked the Lord in that moment for a word of comfort to share with the girl and He gave me Psalm 56:8: “You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; are they not in Your book?” I shared this verse with Britani and she began to tear up! I know that it spoke to her heart. Thankfully, one of my leaders had brought her children’s Bible along, so I borrowed it and shared with little Britani about how Jesus came to the Earth to save us from our sins. She said it was her first time hearing any story from the Bible! She was excited to hear that Jesus will give us eternal life if we put our faith in Him. Afterwards, Britani and I played together and before parting ways I wrote her a letter of love and encouragement. She left with the biggest smile on her face! I am so thankful that God used me to share His love to this young girl grieving her mother’s loss. It was no doubt a divine appointment.

“We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” –Ephesians 2:10

Little Britani and me. 

I’m so excited to see what other divine appointments God has for me not only here in my country, but among the nations! 

I would LOVE to meet with you over coffee now that I’m back to share more about what the Lord did at School of Missions with you AND to hear about your summer! Please message me if you would like to meet!

Again, thank you for coming alongside me to support me in the Lord’s calling on my life! I appreciate your prayers and financial giving. I could not do it with out you. Together, we will bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard! 


Andrea Manor

A few of the School of Missions students back in the States!
Jorden, Nancy, Lacey, and me.

Crying out to God!

Hello friends and family!

My fourth week at Calvary School of Missions began with an outreach to the Kumeyahh Tribe located in an isolated mountain area. We spent a day serving alongside a church plant on the reservation. People of all ages from the community gathered together to hear the Bible, share a meal, play games, and sing worship songs. Pastor Trent, one of the leaders of the School of Missions, decided at the very last minute that I should share my testimony to all the adults that were gathered there. If you know me and remember my last update, you know that I’m like Moses and fear public speaking with everything in me! I begged Pastor Trent to choose someone else, but I was unable to convince him. So I cried out to God to give me the courage I needed to speak! I shared with the people how God had led me to Him and how He has worked in my life. I may have been scared, and my Spanish was not the best, but I know that the Lord was with me and He gave me this Word to share with them: 

“And this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent” (John 17:3). 

I know that God’s word is living and powerful, and I am so honored that He would use a fearful person like me to share His word with others.

Sharing my testimony at the Kumeyahh Reservation.

We spent the entire 4th week learning from a missionary who has served in South Sudan and Sri Lanka. Because he obeyed God’s call and left the comforts of America to serve in a war-torn country, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading among South Sudanese tribes. People are being saved physically from starvation and preventable diseases. But more importantly, they are being saved from their sins for eternity! It amazes me how one man’s decision to die to self and obey God’s call can bring eternal hope to thousands of souls! I am SO EXCITED to see what God will do through my life and the other students’ lives and YOUR life! Jesus is so worthy of our entire lives!

“He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again” (2 Corinthians 5:15).

This week we also served alongside a church in Puerto Nuevo. We served at an orphanage and also in the church’s children’s ministry. I had the opportunity of co-leading a Bible lesson to the Junior High kids! The message we shared was on Mark 9:35: “if anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.” If Jesus, the King of the universe, humbled Himself by becoming a man and giving His life for us on the cross, how much more should we give our lives to serving Him and others! It was amazing to see these young people respond to God’s word and desire to serve the people in their lives.

Leading the Junior High kids in a worship song.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your love and support. I really couldn’t do this alone. Your prayers and financial support are what enables and encourages me to be here in Mexico preparing for the long-term work God is calling me to among the nations. Please pray for the following:

-That the Lord would show me and the other students the next step for after School of Missions.

-That the Lord would provide more hours at my job when I return, or another job!

-That He would continue to help me trust Him in this season of waiting to go out and that He would fully equip me to bring His Gospel to the ends of the earth. 

How can I pray for you? I would love to hear from you! Together, we will bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard!


Andrea Manor

God’s Love Revealed

Hello friends and family!

I’ve just finished my third week at Calvary School of Missions. I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! We spent the week in Tecate at an orphanage for children with special needs called “La Mision Para Niños,” which means, “The Mission for Children.” Moving from the cool, ocean-side city of Rosarito to the VERY HOT, dry, and isolated town of Tecate was quite an adjustment.

The beautiful sunrise at La Mision Para Niños.

We spent the first half of the day serving alongside the staff by washing dishes, preparing meals, cleaning the children’s homes, clearing a field to make it fire-safe, and caring for the children. The majority of the children are physically and mentally disabled, so I got to serve them by changing their diapers and clothes, brushing their teeth, feeding them, and just spending time with them. As I was working with the children, I was reminded of the time when Jesus gave sight to a blind man in the book of John chapter 9. Many people thought that this man was born blind because of his or his parent’s sins, but Jesus said, “neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him” (John 9:3). I struggled to understand why the Lord allowed these children to be abandoned by their parents, especially because of their utter dependency on someone to survive, but when this scripture came to my mind I found peace in knowing that God has a plan even when it doesn’t make sense to me. As I got to know one of the caregivers, she shared with me how the Lord has used the children to work in her heart and in her life. God’s works are being revealed in the lives of these children despite their past and in the midst of their needs. The children of the Mission are so well cared for and loved, but I know that there are millions of other children like them around the world who are just waiting for God to save them! Here I am, Lord, send me!

School of Missions students serving at La Mision Para Niños.

We were so blessed to learn from a missionary couple from North Africa. They shared their joys and struggles of living in a country where proclaiming the gospel is illegal. I was so encouraged by their willingness to live in a place where security is not always guaranteed for the sake of the gospel. When I came back from Rwanda about a year and half ago, my heart was so set on going back to work with street children and orphans. As I was asking the Lord one day to tell me what to do next, He gave me Romans 15:20-21 which says, “And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation, but as it is written: to whom He was not announced, they shall see; and those who have not heard will understand.” It’s been over a year since He put that verse on my heart, but I didn’t fully know what that meant for my life until recently. The Lord has been giving me a greater burden for the unreached- the people who haven’t heard the Gospel of Jesus. I know that if my life is to be used by God, I must be fully surrendered to His will. I need trust in Him more! It’s through His grace alone that I’m able to lay down all the plans I’ve made for my future. I want to be absolutely surrendered to His plans! Please pray that I would be. 

On July 26th I celebrated 5 years of walking with Jesus. Looking back at how God saved me from a false religion and how He gave me eyes to see who He truly is just amazes me! He has brought me exactly to where I am today and I can’t wait to see how He will use me, a weak and foolish person, among the nations. Please PRAY for the students and I as we continue to wait upon the Lord and seek Him. May we be willing to GO anywhere for His Name! Pray for the people we are ministering to here in Mexico and that they would see Jesus in us and believe in Him. How can I pray for you? I’m so thankful for your love and support in my calling. Together, we will see the nations reached with the saving Gospel of Jesus. If you feel led to support me, please click the link below. I am SO close to reaching my goal for the School of Missions tuition! 


Andrea Manor

Faith Comes by Hearing

Hello friends and family! 

I’m at the end of my second week here at Calvary School of Missions and the Lord has been growing me in incredible ways. We’ve been learning from a missionary couple that serves in Southeast Asia. The experience and wisdom they have been sharing with us will definitely help me when I’m out on the mission field! In the afternoons, we’ve been serving alongside several ministries that are a part of Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Each outreach has challenged me and has given me a taste of what it will be like when I am a long-term missionary. One of the greatest challenges I’ve had to face is speaking in large groups of people. I have always been terrified of public speaking, but for several of the outreaches I’ve had to serve as a translator in Spanish. The Lord has been teaching me to fully depend on Him through this. When my eyes are fixed on Him, I have nothing at all to fear because I know that it is He who is working through me. All I have to do is open my mouth and speak His words. In my fears, I’m so incapable of sharing God’s word to a crowd of people, but by His Holy Spirit, I am able to do what He calls me to do for His glory.

Performing a skit for children during an outreach.

One of the ministries we got to serve alongside of was the dump ministry. The leaders of this ministry regularly share the love of Jesus with people who work and LIVE in the Rosarito City Dump by preparing meals for them, helping them get into rehabilitation centers to overcome drug addictions, and sharing the living word of God with them. The love of God is so undeniably present in this place, and it reminds me of Psalm 88:12: “Shall Your wonders be known in the dark, and Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?” Even in this place of utter poverty, the Lord sees those who live there and desires to make His goodness known to them. The Lord is drawing people unto Himself even in the dark “land of forgetfulness.” I was so blessed to learn from the leaders of this ministry because I know that God is calling me to GO share His Gospel to people who are living in darkness.

Sharing God’s word at the Rosarito dump.

We also got to serve at an orphanage this week called “Niños de Fe.” There are about 40 children who live there from the ages of 2 to 17. During free time, I was praying for the Lord to bring me someone who I could share His love with, and not too long after that He answered my prayer! A 16-year-old girl named Ingrid approached me and we quickly became friends. Her parents abandoned her and her younger brother when she was 8 years old. She was transferred around to different orphanages until she finally came to “Niños de Fe” last year. She faced many hardships throughout her childhood- she was hurt numerous times by the people that should have protected her, but today she is thankful that God brought her to “Niños de Fe” because she is finally in a safe place and surrounded by adults who love her. She heard the Gospel for the first time when she moved to this orphanage and she committed her life to Jesus just a few months ago! Praise God! Just as the scriptures say, our God is a helper of the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). I got to pray with Ingrid and share scripture with her to encourage her in her walk with God. There are SO MANY other children like Ingrid around the world who have been abandoned by their parents and they NEED to hear the Gospel because it is the only hope that they have beyond this life! I cannot wait to see the children that the Lord will lead me to very soon- in America AND in a faraway land.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen us in His word each day and that He would show us what next step to take after School of Missions. Pray for the ministries we are serving with- that the leaders would continue to be faithful to the work God has given them and that many more souls would be saved.

I hope that the stories I’ve shared are an encouragement to you in whatever season you find yourself in today. How is God moving in your life? What do you need prayer for? I want to hear all about it! Thank you for all your love and support. I am grateful for each and every one of you. Together we are bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth!


Andrea Manor

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” –Matthew 24:14

Playing a water balloon toss game during a park outreach.

Calvary School of Missions Week 1

Greetings from Calvary School of Missions in Rosarito, Mexico! 

I’m so overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness in leading me here. As many of you may know, I’ve been praying for over four years about where the Lord is calling me to GO as I seek to fulfill the Great Commission in my life. When the opportunity came up for me to be a student at the first ever Calvary School of Missions, I knew without a doubt that the Lord was answering my prayers and bringing me into a season of preparation for long-term, cross cultural missions. 

There are seven students total in the school (including myself) who come from California, New Jersey, Canada, and Mexico. The unity that we share in the Lord and in His calling to fulfill the Great Commission is proof of the unity of the Spirit and an amazing answer to our prayers. During our first evening here, we got to hear a missionary couple’s testimony of how the Lord lead them out of the USA to Mexico to start a home where other missionaries can stay. I was so encouraged to hear about God’s provision and faithfulness in their lives and how He has been working through the short-term missions teams that they host. These truths will certainly be ones I refer back to many times in my ministry overseas.

On our second day here, we visited a feeding kitchen for children that was started by a couple of people from Calvary Chapel Rosarito. They invite kids from the neighborhood to come over for free meals and they share the love of Jesus with them. We were able to serve alongside them in preparing a meal for the kids, playing games with them, and giving them a Bible lesson about God’s deep care for them. One of my favorite parts of the day was when a sweet, four-year old boy prayed for our meal. His words were so profound and his love for Jesus was evident to everyone (whether or not they understood Spanish). When the little boy prayed for the Lord to care for the lost children, I was reminded of the children I worked with in Rwanda and my heart was stirred once again to go out and share the love of Jesus to children who are suffering. 

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School of Missions students at the feeding kitchen for children.

Each day we have three hours of class time where we study the Bible and learn about the Lord’s call for all believers to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I am so thankful to be learning from my pastor and other experienced missionaries. I’m already growing so much in my knowledge of God’s Word, and I’m so excited for what He has in store for the remainder of my time here. 

Please continue to pray for me as I seek the Lord about where He wants me to go. My heart is to serve the street children and orphans of East Africa, but I’m also open to going to a people that has never heard the Gospel. Please pray for the Lord to make it clear to me. I thank you so much for all of your prayers and support to get me to the School of Missions. I’m so close to reaching my goal for the School of Missions tuition! If God puts it on your heart to support me, here is the link to do so: 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Please let me know how I can pray for you also. Your partnership is so important to me!


Andrea Manor

A photo of me playing a game with the kids at the feeding kitchen.