Fall is here

Calvary Chapel Pedregales…

We have had so many happenings here at C.C. Pedregales since my last post and I am still so honored and humbled to be a part of God’s work here. I say God’s work, because it is all Him; He directs and leads and guides and I just hold on to the steering wheel.

Graduation Dinner…

We closed out summer with our annual graduation dinner to honor all those who have graduated from: Primary, Secondary, High School, and College with a big fancy dinner for the graduate and their families. This is very special as many do not attend their school graduations for lack of funds.

Graduating Class of 2018

After School Program…

The kids in the after school program, “Amigos del Rey” (Friends of the King), are attending three days per week to receive a hot meal, then a time for games and sports, and then help with their homework. Our prayer is that their families would be at our church one day worshiping the Lord together with their children. Our primary focus is of course, is that each child will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We offered parenting classes for the parents and just finished this.

Field trip to a park
Parenting Classes

Children’s Ministry…

We have an excellent group of teachers and they are busy getting ready for the big Christmas play that we have each year. This not only gives the children an opportunity to participate, but their parents (who don’t attend church), will come and see the performance. This is an open door to present the gospel to them.

Teachers CC Pedregales

Here are my prayer requests:

  • for safety here where we live as there are gunshots often and people are killed, drug related. We just received news of a young man who was killed recently. He used to attend our church.
  • for the parents of the kids in the afterschool program that they would come to faith. There is such a stronghold here in this colony; definitely we are in Satan’s territory! But with God, nothing is impossible!
  • For the Lord to provide funds for me to travel to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Michoacan, and Cuernavaca in February for three weeks to do teacher training. I will need to raise app. $1,000.
  • for Gael, who is battling Leukemia. He is 13 years old. And for mom, Karina who also has two other children to look after, and that they would seek the Lord during this time.