September 2008 Update

Tijuana Mexico

September 2008 Update

September Update

We are coming into September with a bang! I will start home schooling the Pastor’s daughters, Christina (5th grade) and Rosemary (7th grade) soon. We are getting all the school material together and ready to go! The school here in the colony where we live is just too dangerous for the girls to attend.

My main focus here is working with the children and teachers. I continue doing teacher training for both of our churches, CC Tijuana and CC Pedregales. The teachers are growing in the Lord and the kids are coming!  CC Tijuana is located just as you cross the border into Mexico, in the downtown area, and  Pedregales is located about 20 minutes south east up in the hills in a “colony” that is very poor. I live in Pedregales at the church. Many of the kids in Pedregales are the only ones in their families that attend church, so they are bringing Jesus into their homes with the songs they learn, the craft with the Bible verse on it…!  And they come, rain or shine week after week.  Some of their parents are drug dealers or users, so they really need prayer! We are reaching their parents little by little.  I am teaching the 7 – 10 year olds on Wednesday nights, with up to 25 kids, and the Jr. High kids on Sunday mornings.  After teaching on Sundays, I then go to our church in downtown to attend the service.

We have a rehab. Center in Ensenada with 22 men presently.  They used to live here at the church but God has provided some beautiful property in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, and they have moved there! We are praising God for providing an architect to help design and draw up the plans for this center that will be called the “Men’s Discipleship Center.”  The vision of the director, Jaime Arista, is to minister and reach the influx of deportees that are arriving in Tijuana. They are literally dropped off on the streets of Tijuana, just as you cross the border, and it is a drug infested area.

On Fridays, I go out with some other members of the church evangelizing in the colony.  I want to focus on the parents of these kids who come so faithfully. I know that God will bless and move on hearts. I just pray for lasting fruit!

We have a dance team of children ages 5 – 15 that dance for Jesus wherever they are invited. They will often times dance in events that we have, weddings, and quinceneras, (girls 15th birthday party). They love it, and are blessed to have professional dancers come all the way here to our little corner of the world to teach them.  The leader, Ana Karen, is only 16, and is truly gifted by God in the area of dance.

We are preparing for our annual women’s conference that will be held at our Tijuana church this month. So far there are 115 women from Calvary Chapels all over Tijuana signed up.  Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills sponsors this event every year and we are so blessed by them!
Our Prayer requests:
* God to direct the designing of the Men’s discipleship Center and the drawing of  the plans
* For the Lord to raise up someone to oversee the construction project
* For the Lord to provide groups from the U.S. to come and help build the center
* For the Lord to provide our own property for Calvary Chapel of Tijuana
* For Deborra and Socorro two members from our church in Tijuana who left on
Friday Sept. 5th to India for a month to minister to the most needy of the needy
– Pray for protection – guidance – anointing – healing – salvation
* For a member of our church, George and a few others who are planning to go to
Puebla for three months to minister in a very poor and needy area
* provisions for the girls’ school books
Continued prayer for Terrie and her family: Ailin, Jordan, Karen, and Brandon. These kids come faithfully to our church and have for since they could walk! Mom and eldest son, Angel are backslidden. Their father/husband was
killed last month in an accident at his job.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers for us. Dios los bendiga!        (God bless you all)