On the Bright Side With Breanna

It’s me Breanna and it’s that time of year when I take over the blog. Guess what? I got a new passport! After 5 years with a passport picture as a 7 day old baby…it expired. My old passport was filled with stamps from many different countries where I have friends and I am sure the next one will get filled up as well. With a new passport in hand and new visas, our family will be boarding a plane soon heading to Asia. It seems like we have been waiting FOREVER due to the sickness, but God has made a way to GO again!

On Mission at School

I am good and loving my new school. I have made friends and last month, my mom and I got to share all about Asia and the ministry we get to be a part of as it was Missions Month. The kids in my class are amazed that I have lived in countries around the world. All the kids in my school worked hard for a month doing chores and small jobs to raise money and fill piggy banks to donate to reach other kids in Asia with the good news about Jesus. It was awesome to have my mom come to my classroom and my dad share at chapel. Our family is planning and coordinating 8 different children’s outreaches with our friends throughout Asia now with the funds. Please pray for each child that comes an outreaches hosted by the various churches in Asia and that they would be blessed, loved and hear about the hope we have as the good news is shared.

Mailed Love

One thing I have never experienced is getting mail in my own mailbox! My mom put out a request and our mail box was flooded with letters from many of you. Every day, I run to the mail box and everyday there was a lot of notes and love from our family and friends. I want to say “thank you for all the mail, treats, stickers, dollars, pictures and fun notes”. I read each one of them because I am learning how to read now. I hope I can write some of you back or at least send a card with a drawing since I like to do art, which keeps me busy.

Missing Friends and Making Plans

I am missing my friends and aunties and uncles around the world, but I get to facetime with them which has helped during this season of separation. It is also cool to be able to facetime my cousins here in America as well. My parents are regularly busy on zoom with meetings, bible studies, teaching online classes and praying for all of the pastors and students in Asia and Africa. The good news is that my daddy will soon be able to teach classes in-person at the Bible College in Asia. The school will resume in-person classes on later this month after one year of school closures throughout the country. Please be praying for safe travels, good health and a great semester for the 30 returning students.

Things I Am Loving

I recently got a lego set and my daddy and I are building all kinds of things! I love dancing, which is nothing new since we have been having dance parties around the world ever since I can remember. I love school. I love Awana and our church. I love having my own room and bed. I love boxes. I also still love rice and dahl…while kids eat sandwiches, I ask for rice and dahl.

Please be praying for our family and our upcoming trip to Asia. There are a lot of new things we have to do, but we can’t wait to see all the people we love and be a blessing. God has been with our family through all the sickness and we continue to look at the bright side because God is so so good!

Thanks for the mail, for the love, for the prayers, for making it possible for our family to GO and for reading my blog.

Huggies and High Fives,

Breanna Gaona

(On behalf of our family – Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona)

p.s. I have grown several inches and lost my two front teeth so I may look different to you now