Welcoming Summer

Hello there!

I hope this finds you well and that you are finding great help and comfort in the Lord during this time. Those of you in the U.S. have been on my heart these past few weeks with all that is happening there. I have been praying that God would grant you wisdom and hearts of compassion and love. 


Here in Pécs, things began to open up again at the beginning of May and now, five weeks later, life is largely “normal” again, other than wearing masks in shops and on public transportation. Our church has been meeting outside near a local pond. It has been such a blessing to be together again, after months of online connections, and to have opportunity to speak of Jesus out in our community, coming closer to people who would not have stepped through the doors of our church otherwise. Personally, after many many weeks of being alone here in my apartment, I am so thankful to again have girls over or meet over coffee, have our women’s bible study together in person, and gather with the church body.


Though these past few months have brought a lot of unexpected difficulties for many, numerous testimonies of God doing amazing things have emerged through it all. I want to share with you one such beautiful testimony!

Recently, I sat with a friend over a cup of coffee and listened to her share about a bible study that she started in her dorm during the time of lockdown. If you have prayed for the women in my young women’s bible study at all in the last two years, then you have prayed for her. The Lord put it on her heart to start a bible study and she, choosing to walk in obedience to the Lord’s leading, invited two other Christian girls to begin a bible study together.

They began meeting every day, invited others in the dorm, and in time they became eighteight young women, from different cultural and religious backgrounds, coming together every morning for an hour and a half to study the bible together. Amazing, right?! Last week, one of the girls gave her life to Jesus. Another of the girls unexpectedly lost her dad a couple months ago and the Lord has used it to help carry her through these months.

Listening to my friend share about how God has been using this time, I was deeply moved. This is what we pray for! This is what we long to seeour students growing deeper rooted in Christ and stepping out in obedience to Him to be a part of His kingdom work! 

Thank you for your prayers for our students and for God’s work here in Hungary! How great is our God!

He is not shaken when everything around us is/seems shaken. He has been actively working in mighty ways during these past few months, this being just one example. I know there are countless others! Do you have any God stories to share as a result of these times?


In my last update I shared about finding answers regarding some health issues and starting treatment that I would continue in Hungary. With the unexpected circumstances of the past few months, however, I was unable to fully continue my treatment which made for some setbacks with my health. Because of this, the decision recently emerged to spend the summer months in Washington to further address health there, closer to my doctor and easier access to supplements.

Truthfully, this was a hard decision to come to. When the Lord led me out on this path of healing, I knew it wouldn’t all be easy. Even still, I find that I wrestle with God’s timing and plans at times. It’s a slow, sometimes painful process, learning patience when healing doesn’t happen as soon as I would like or when I don’t understand what God is doing.

Yet, I know there is purpose. I know the events of the last few months and the setbacks that have happened as a result were not hidden from God. Through it all I have been safe in His hands. And now, though different than I would have planned, I see His hand in the details that led to the decision to travel home for the summer. 


  • For perseverance and strength to endure challenges with joy
  • For healing, patience, and deepened trust in the process
  • For the young women in my Monday night bible study, that they would be strengthened and built up in Christ and that God would give them vision for how He would use them for His glory and kingdom purposes, even this summer.
  • Pray for my friend leading the bible study in her dorm, that God would strengthen her and continue to lead her and this group of young women. Pray that God would do a transformative work in each of their hearts by His Spirit.
  • For divine wisdom and discernment in ministry and decision making, to hear God’s voice clearly, and be willing to follow His guidance
  • Pray for God to deliver people in our city from spiritual blindness and supernaturally open their eyes to the light of the Gospel.

“I lift my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” (Ps. 121:1)

This verse came to my mind as I was writing and is my prayer for you, for me today. May we lift up our eyes to Him, who made heaven and earth, looking to Him for help. May we find rest in Him who keeps our life. Our help is in Him. How comforting that is!

Thank you for your support and prayers, they are powerful and needed. Thank you for coming boldly before the Lord to intercede for the lost, broken, and hurting.

Much love in Christ,