Welcoming September & Newness

“Though the seasons change, your love remains”

August was incredibly busy and fun and exhausting. It was filled with the everyday things like cleaning and laundry,  the usual weekly times of language lessons, Wednesday night Bible studies, worship practices, girl’s nights,  etc. and also special opportunities with people. Here are a few snapshots!

A camping trip to Lake Balaton with friends from church








We swam, built sand castles, had meals together,  talked, laughed, and it was altogether a great time getting to know some of those who I now get to share life with.

Cleaning and moving into my new flat

This is a photo of my new apartment building. I’ve been fully living there for ten days now and loving it! God has been so kind in His provision!

The first few hours in my new “home” space were spent with one of my new Hungarian friends. We sat and talked and had such sweet, life-giving conversation about life and God. It was a wonderful glimpse of what I pray this space will be—one where life and truth and grace may abound.

Time with friends from home

It’s always sweet when here and “home” collide! I got to enjoy a wonderful few days soaking in mountain peaks, rivers, and fresh air with good friends.

Changing seasons

September means the return of university students and the start of new roles and areas of ministry for me here. It’s exciting to be on the cusp of a new season, praying and seeking God for what He might want to do.

My new flat is located next to the medical university here in Pécs and September’s arrival brought a flood of new faces and activity to my neighborhood. Every day the sidewalks are filled with people, and the wide variety of languages I hear just walking down the street is a fresh reminder that God has brought the nations to our doorstep here in Pécs. When I count the faces and languages and religions that make up the lives of those around me, it can seem overwhelming and impossible. So many lives with so much need! Yet, because of God, there is hope for every wilderness. How good it is to remember that this is God’s work. He is actively working and pursuing hearts, and all that we do depends not on us but on His Spirit!

To all of you, my friends and family, who are reading this, I can’t say enough how thankful I am for you.  You are living proof of God breathing life into dead bones. Thank you for believing God and seeking Him with your lives, and thank you for standing in prayer. I thank God for providing others who can come alongside his work here and the battle and fight and persist in prayer. Will you join me again now in..

  • prayer for these students, that many would encounter the God who loves them and gave Himself for them. Pray that their lives will be transformed during this time in Pécs for their studies, such that they will go on from here (in a year, or three, or five) a new creation, set secure in Christ.
  • prayer for our church, for the wisdom and leading of the Spirit to reach more people for Christ, and for the love and wisdom to care for those already in front of us.
  • prayer for my work with the pastor’s kids. Beginning Monday, I will spend four mornings and one afternoon each week with them, teaching arts, music, and whatever else is needed.
  • prayer for the women’s bible study that I will be starting up in the next couple weeks
  • prayer for the Hungarian people, that they will encounter their Creator who desires relationship with them.

Sitting next to me during a recent trip to Budapest was a clearly-in-the-mood-to-chat person. Honestly, my first thought was to close my eyes and sleep and not talk to this random stranger, but a persistent nudge wouldn’t let me rest. When I finally opened my eyes, what I found was someone who was open and curious about spiritual matters, who knew next to nothing about a God who wants relationship with him. His English was limited, and my Hungarian even more, but even still he engaged in conversation, trying to express what he believes, speaking of auras, colors, and dimensions, but then asking question after question of what I believe. I don’t know what he will do with what he heard, but I pray that he will seek to find out more about this God who comes close.

What an incredible gift that we have a God who wants relationship with us, who invites us to come to Him, and extends not just help and salvation.. but Himself.  I’m praying for you, dear friends, that you will behold God’s goodness and beauty today. May you see Him, enjoy Him, and find rest and all that you need. As we welcome September, these simple lyrics, sung by United Pursuit, ring true: “Though the seasons change, your love remains.” He is truly matchless!

Much love and God’s peace!

Brenna Lynn