Vincent Family February 2022 Missions Update

Greetings from Mexico,

One of the great blessings of being part of a church-planting sending hub, is the opportunity to go out and visit the churches we have planted! The Apostle Paul is our model, and we do our best to pattern our church planting activities on what Paul did on his church planting journeys in the book of Acts!

 One of my favorite verses in the bible is Acts 15:36. We read there, “Then after some days Paul said to Barnabas, “Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they are doing.”  Paul began his 2nd missionary (church-planting) journey with a plan to go out and visit and encourage the churches that he had planted on his first journey with Barnabas! In January, I was blessed to travel with 3 good friends from our church and do that same thing!

Our 4-man missions team flew out from Tijuana headed to our 2 year old church plant outside of Mexico City in a city called Tulancingo! This traditional city of 250,000 is famous for being the most important wool textile producer in the country, and it was also home to El Santo, Mexico’s most famous lucha libre wrestler. But our purpose for traveling there was to visit our church planters (Federico and Jenny) and the church they have planted there!

We were blessed to host a marriage conference at their beautiful church facility and I led worship as well! Besides encouraging the marriages, and hosting a delicious dinner of regional cuisine,  we were blessed to see 4 first-time professions of faith at the end of the evening. Praise the Lord!

After leaving Tulancingo, we visited the historic Pyramid of the Sun on the road to Mexico City! This pyramid is the third largest in the world (758 feet tall) and was built in the year 200BC! This trip to Mexico City was especially powerful for my friend (and CCR staffer Abraham) who on this trip got to visit his mother’s hometown for the first time in his life!

Our church planting team hopped on an early flight out of Mexico City to fly to our next destination in Campeche! Campeche City is the capital of the small state of Campeche and is part of the famous Yucatan Peninsula! The area is beautiful and tropical, but our trip centered on our church planters Miguel and Liliana and their 3 year old church plant!

After 3 years of faithfully laboring, Miguel has begun his own church planting class and our missions team was down there to host a regional church planting conference! Upon landing, we hooked up with my good friend (and church planter from Culiacan) Hugo Limon to host the first church planting conference in the history of the Yucatan Peninsula! Unfortunately, when we landed we got the bad news that our Church planter Miguel was out with covid and would not be available to host the conference!

We prayed for Miguel, and then stepped out in faith to host and lead the conference ourselves! We were blessed as over 25 pastors traveled to this conference from 100 miles away, along with the congregants that are enrolled in Miguel’s local church planting class! The church planting conference was a great blessing to our new friends, and they have invited us back to host a conference next year in their city of Merida!

On the trip I was blessed to teach at the churches at their Sunday services and lead worship as well!

As I meditated on the great privilege of following in the giant footsteps of the Apostle Paul, I was reminded that he did not travel alone when he went on his journeys! Paul traveled with friends, and he also had supporters and partners that supported and believed in him, and sent him on his way through prayer and financial support!

 I feel so blessed and honored to have partners like you that believe in the great work that God is doing here in the mission field of Mexico. (Not only through our local ministry here in Rosarito, but through the church plants as well!) We love you, are praying for you,  and thank God for you! 

Con mucho amor de Mexico,  (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests!

#1-  That God would protect our family and church in these difficult times!  

#2-  That God would bless our new church planting class, and the 6 church planting classes that are beginning in our church plants!

Praise Reports!

#1- Praise God for a blessed church planting journey to Tulancingo and Campeche!

#2- Praise God for good health for our family so far in 2022!   

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