Varga Family Update July 2023

Hi there!

It has been too long since I last wrote, I do apologize for that. We have seen God’s faithfulness and kindness greatly these past months. I’ll do my best to briefly share some parts of that!

In the Spring, we continued our women’s discipleship groups, we had two groups this time with around 20 women in total. In the past, we’ve gone through letters written by Paul. This time, we intentionally looked at different types of writing in Scripture (i.e. narrative, wisdom literature, psalms, prophetic literature) that were connected around the theme of seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. Our desire is for these women to know how to divide Scripture and study it for themselves, so we wanted to take time to help them learn how to approach different types of literature in Scripture, while also seeing the overarching story of Scripture, God’s redemption plan from the beginning.

I led a group of ten girls. Including myself, we were eleven from ten different nationalities. Talk about diverse! Europe, Asia, Africa, North America… It is our continual desire to pour into these women so that when the time comes to send them out beyond Pécs, they will go deeply rooted in Christ and further equipped to walk with Him and live for His kingdom all over the world. Not only that, but here and now as they live here with us, that they would be vessels in the Lord’s hands to share the good news of Jesus with their classmates and roommates and friends. Will you pray for us, that God will continue to lead us and give us wisdom in how to pour into these women and raise them up? Even now, in our slower season of summer, we are praying and planning for the coming Fall ministry. Pray the Lord will guide our plans and preparations.

By the grace of God, Johnny was able to finish up his university studies! These past few months were very intense for him with thesis writing, up until his submission on June 10th and then state exam/thesis defense a few weeks later. It was not an easy journey for him, but he worked diligently day after day and pressed on. I am so proud of him! And so thankful to God for making a way for him to complete this chapter! We see His faithfulness and abundant mercy through it all. With that chapter closed, we are praying and seeking the Lord for this next season, what it is that He is calling us to. Will you pray for us, for the Lord’s leading and wisdom?

Prayer points:

  • July 23rd Family Day: our church is helping host a family day at the lake next to our church. Members from our worship team will be doing live music, games for kids, face paint, crafts, corn hole… It’s a great opportunity to interact with our local community. Pray for opportunities to speak with people and to share the gospel. Pray the messages we share through songs and word will be impactful to those who hear.
  • July 29th Outreach Concert: Johnny will be doing the sound engineering for an outreach concert in another city where there is a new church plant. Pray that this will be a fruitful outreach, that this new church can make connections with people in their community and for long-term relationships to develop out of this. Pray that the gospel will be heard and received. Pray for Johnny, for wisdom and strength as he works on the technical side of this.
  • Pray for Johnny and I as we navigate this new season. Pray for the Lord’s leading, wisdom, strength and help.

Much love to you all! If you have any prayer requests, please let us know. We would be glad to know specific ways to pray for you!

Brenna & Johnny