The Pavel Family Ministry In Romania

Hello and welcome!  My family and I have spent a year and a half bringing the gospel message to the youth of Romania. We have taught, discussed, and have been spending many hours speaking the life giving message of hope to children that never see living examples of a Christ-centered life.  We are glad you are here to share in our message, life, and experience of discipleship to the youth. Recently, we along with Saving Grace World Missions have decided to join together for missional support.  It is our desire that you will be blessed by our ministry and mission. Please continue bless us with your messages, encouragement, and prayers.

Thank you,

The Pavel Family


Sobolciu Gypsy Village

Over the summer my team member and I have begun to do some much needed renovations at the church in Sobolciu. We have been painting the church, gathering material to build a fence, to keep children from causing any more damage to the building.  Jeremyah and Emerald have been helping with much of the work, as well. In the meantime, I continue to hold weekly meetings with the gyspy children as we focus on who Jesus is and why knowing Him is important for their whole lives. We are consistently building relationships with them and want to see them be successful in school, with their families, regardless of  extreme poverty. It’s very hard to witness and understand that this extreme poverty is a cultural/generational condition and only the grace of the Lord will be able to set them truly free from its’ grasp.

Orphan Mentoring

The children at the orphanage have been wonderful to know over the last year and a half. I’ve really begun to understand their situations as they unravel a little more of their stories with me and I peel back the layers of their lives over our devotions. Their stories are tragic indeed. A pastor I like to read and listen to says, life’s a mess but Jesus is real. I think that’s what these kids need to see. The reality is life is a mess and Jesus is in it with us. I want the children to overcome their messy lives and conquer their circumstances but it’s all up to them to choose the power that can do that in their lives. Right now we want to do so much more with the kids but are held back by resources and limitations. We continue to pray how to maximize our time, resources, and energy to impact the kids for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Requests

We want to be real with you. Things cost money. I know you’re probably thinking, “Duh!?” But, it’s true. We don’t want you to think that we are just out there to make money. Our family has given to the mission and we continue to contribute monthly.

Please pray about being a financial supporter! This is vital to our ministry and no amount is too small.  You can help us so much by just $5 per month, really! That’s all it takes.

Pray for us, we need it and it is the top priority to continue to minister out here to the kids.

This is what we need to move the ministry to next level that we are praying about. Would you pray specifically for these:

  • A van to strategically impact the children
  • Raise two thousand a month in funds
  • For additional help with the ministry
  • Expanding into youth center for children

Blessings and Prayers,

Doru and the Pavel’s