Stepping Foot in the Holy Land

View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

Hello family and friends,

I want to thank you for praying for my time in Israel, as well as my friend’s wedding that both took place this past month. These events were such a blessing and I can’t wait to share what the Lord did.

Being in Israel was more than I could have imagined! It was an amazing and life changing experience. Stepping foot in the Holy Land, walking where Jesus walked, and allowing the Word of God truly to come to life in a way it never has before is something I will forever be grateful for. The sights, smells, language, culture, etc was all so new, but I loved taking it all in as this was my first time in the Middle East. It was very interesting to see the dynamics in this country and more specifically in Jerusalem as there are Jews, Christians, Muslims, and more all living within these close quarters. There were people from all over the world walking around this country and touring the holy sites, in which the Lord further showed me the depth of His love as it goes far beyond the barriers of languages or cultures. “For God so loved the world!” We were able to do so much and see many incredible sights including; Joppa, Mount of Beatitudes, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Caesarea Philippi, Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and more. I wish I could share all the details, but there is just not enough time, so with that, here are a few highlights…

One of the sweet memories I have is when we were at the Garden of Gethsemane and we got to take time to find our own space, pray, and seek the Lord. This is the garden where Jesus prayed to the Father, “saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.” (Luke 22:42) What an incredible time to remember these words of Jesus and an opportunity to pray this prayer to the Father for myself as well. Especially with this weekend being the first Easter since being back from Israel as we remember all that Jesus did by His death and resurrection, it is such a fitting time! I have so many dreams and desires of what I would love my future to look like, but I must remember that God’s will is best. His ways are higher and He truly sees all and knows all.

Another way the Lord spoke to me was during our last day in Jerusalem when we visited the Garden Tomb and got to go into the tomb believed to be the one Jesus was buried in. I had time to read over the Gospel accounts of the resurrection and I also read in John were Jesus appears to Thomas after resurrecting and says, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29) This really struck me with the importance of our faith and how much more fulfilling it was to be in Israel already believing in all the things I saw and heard. I did not need to go there for my faith to be secure, however it did make me feel closer to the Lord in a new way. God reminded me to not miss what He has for me because of unbelief! It was an encouragement for the future to remember the goodness of God and to keep believing even when I might not see the Lord working, because the truth is, He is always at work.

After a long travel day from Israel, I was home for a good 3 hours then left to the airport to catch my next flight up to Washington for my friends, Jonny and Jordan’s wedding. This was such a sweet time in which God was truly glorified and present in the midst of the wedding. As one of the maid of honors, I also had the opportunity to share a toast in which I preached the gospel during it. Please pray that the Lord touched the heart of the unbelievers there.

The wedding

Other Exciting News

I have the opportunity to go back to Mexico this summer to be a leader at the School of Missions. I am so excited and grateful to get to serve there, as well as continue to grow in being a leader. As a leader, I will be available to the students and help with outreaches as we partner with many Calvary churches and do park events, kids programs, and we do an outreach trip into Mazatlán and Culiacán where we have plans to, Lord willingly, reach an unreached tribe with the Gospel. God did an amazing work in my life during that time last summer in which He launched me into where I am now and the path He has me on, so I have no doubt that the time there this summer will also be a blessing! With that, the cost of this is $2,000. I know the Lord will provide and I have total confidence in Him! If you feel led to support me at all, I would greatly appreciate your partnership in the furtherance of the Gospel and my preparation for serving the Lord cross-culturally in the future. Any amount would be a huge blessing! You can do so by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of this page.

Intern girls bonding time

Praise Reports:

  • My time in Israel was such a blessing with my family and home church
  • The Lord spoke to me and revealed more of Himself on the trip
  • My friend’s wedding was great, God was glorified, and the Gospel went forth
  • I have made it back to California safely and I’m now continuing on with my missions internship
  • The Lord has opened the door for me to be a leader at the School of Missions

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for all the Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and atheists in Israel to come to know Jesus as their Savior
  • Please pray for my friends new marriage that Christ would remain at the center
  • Please pray for the upcoming time of being a leader at the School of Missions in Mexico, as well as for the Lord to provide financially

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for joining in on the work that God has called me to! It is such a beautiful gift to realize that the Lord doesn’t need our help in fulfilling His plans, but because of His love, He wants us to take part in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth! I would greatly appreciate your continued partnership with me in prayer as the Lord continues to prepare me for cross-cultural ministry, as well as through financial support, if you feel led to give. It means so much to me, thank you all!

For His glory,