Sent Out and Welcomed Home

The month of October has been extremely eventful, even more so than usual. It has been a month of new things, old things, and a month of goodbyes and welcomes home. Three weeks ago I had my last Sunday at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace after a year of doing a Missions internship. Two weeks ago I had my first Sunday back at Calvary Chapel the Rock after many months away. I have been so blessed to be a part of Saving Grace and to be trained for Missions this past year. However, I am very excited to be back at the Rock again serving alongside my church family here. I wanted to share with you all about my last couple of weeks in Southern California and what has happened since arriving in Northern California.

Sent Out

Last day in SoCal

My last week in SoCal was such a blessing. It is amazing to see how God has given me a home in SoCal and family there as well as in Norcal. Because I have been able to build so many relationships in Southern California this past year I spent a lot of the last two weeks there engaging in any form of fellowship possible to get as much time with people as I could. Because of this, my last two weeks were packed full of visits to young adults, youth groups, home fellowship groups, missions fellowship, intern classes, and different people’s homes. All of these were such a blessing as I moved on to the next stage of life preparing to go to the Middle East. Each of these events also opened up opportunities for me to share the vision for the Middle East in different circumstances. 

The biggest opportunity was when Saving Grace sent me off back home to NorCal. The Lord worked it out so that the day I was leaving was the first day moving back inside so that I got to have one day back in the sanctuary. At the end of the service, I was invited on stage, where I was able to thank the church and all the pastors as well as leaders for all they had done for me during the internship and to share about what God has called me to. Then they prayed for me as they sent me to follow God’s leading. It was bittersweet because I love the people there at Saving Grace and they have become family to me so it was hard to leave. Yet, knowing that I was going home to NorCal where I’m from, with my family both by blood and my family in Christ at the Rock filled me with joy and excitement. 

Ultimately, the biggest source of joy and excitement is being in God’s will as I know He has called me to be here for this season. Yet I am longing for the time when God will open the doors for me to go to the Middle East. 

Welcomed Home

Sharing At The Rock My First Sunday Back

Coming back to Northern California, God has already been working in amazing ways. He has already provided a job which means I can put more money towards moving to the Middle East while still having time for ministry. The job works perfectly with my schedule allowing me to continue to do devotions for Saving Grace on Facebook, while also giving me time to do discipleship, Bible studies, and events with Calvary Chapel the Rock. I have also been given certain nights off to be a part of Young Adults. Since I have been here I have already had the privilege to share for a few minutes on a Sunday Morning about the calling God has given me for the Middle East. I have also been able to join and serve at both the Young Adults and the Youth group for different events. I am grateful that God has allowed me to come back to the Rock and be a part of the fellowship here, it is such a blessing. I am looking forward to serving here in Norcal as I continue to prepare for the Middle East and raise support. Please continue to keep the vision for the Middle East in prayer. Pray that God would raise up a team to join me, that I would have the finances in order to move to the Middle East and begin language school to learn Arabic, as well as that God would prepare the hearts of those we seek to bring the gospel to. Please pray that God would open blind eyes and turn them from darkness to light, from the power of satan to God. (Acts 26:18) 

Back Home At The Rock

Thank you all for continuing to read these updates and hear what the Lord is doing. God bless you all. 

In Christ, 

Jorden Skiles

Praise Reports

  • Safe travels to NorCal
  • For God’s provision of a job so quickly
  • Opportunities to serve here in NorCal

Prayer Requests

  • For open doors to share the gospel here in NorCal
  • That I can be a witness of Christ at work, with my family, and in the world
  • For continued growth in the teaching of God’s Word
  • For the necessary financial support to move to the Middle East

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