Seeking Asylum in South America

Ok, ok, maybe I’m not technically “seeking asylum,” but I am in South America! I have left one country and moved to another, hence the title. Plus, I couldn’t stay longer in the United States! Welcome to another newsletter update! I’m sure you’ve assumed by now that I’m safely in Peru. Thank you for praying! Below is a quick update video from me.

God is doing big things down here, and I am excited to be a part of it. Thank you for sending me and praying for me! As always, if you have comments or prayer requests, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

Praise Reports:

  • I am here safe and sound!
  • I’m getting to know everyone and feeling right at home here in Trujillo.
  • God has provided all I need financially for this trip, so thank you so much for being used by Him in that way. (You can still continue supporting me financially: it will be going towards my budget for moving long-term to the field and what God has for me next. Thank you for your faithfulness in that!).
  • There are a couple of girls here who speak fluent English to help me out and connect with.

Prayer Requests:

  • The language is a big barrier. Around the city, almost nobody speaks English. Please be praying for perseverance for me in this: to keep learning and not let it discourage me. The Gospel will go out, even when I don’t have the words for it!
  • A deeper time in my personal devotionals. Everything is new, and it’s all filling up my brain! Between translating what people are saying and trying to figure out how to respond, I’ve been having difficulty slowing down and spending personal time with Jesus. Please pray for a clear mind in this!

Thank you all once again for your continued love and support!

Dios te Bendigo (God bless you)!

Acacia Scott

Public Service Announcement: some of you have been asking me about my phone number/texting. Because I moved countries again, the only ways to get ahold of me are email, WhatsApp (that’s the best as far as texting goes), or Facebook Messenger. Thanks for understanding!