Rivera Family Update January – June 2024

Hi friends and family!!

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers through the years for our family.

It’s been a wonderful adventure being able to continually witnesses God’s faithfulness.

We pray you are all doing well when reading this update!!

The Mission for children / La Mision para niños

We keep serving at this wonderful ministry that God planted in our hearts since I was 19 years old, (26 years ago). In all these years we have experienced so many different seasons: fun ones, stressful ones, new-old families, single staff, groups, churches, etc. If you visit the Mission now, you will notice a big change in everything.

Before, “the Riveras” were the only Mexican family serving at the Mission. For the last 2 years, the Hulstrom family was the only American family serving at home together with other wonderful families we have serving here. The Ahumada family, Lopez family, Bastida family, and (most recently) the Darger family have been such a blessing to have here!! Just 2 weeks ago we said goodbye to the Hultroms, it was a wonderful blessing have them back at home. We are so thankful for their time here in obedience to our God like every family serving here. We’re so grateful for the friendship, their hearts, and the example in their service to everyone. We’re also so grateful for our amazing single staff: Blanca, Estefani, Yair, Karolina, Zimri, Davis, Ashley.

In the midst of so many changes, these things always remain: His love and faithfulness for these wonderful Mission kids and the different ways they bless us all every time we serve them. What a privilege and what an honor!!


Our family adventures seem to never end. Our journey with our son Azaff started an the end of 2019 when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his brain. He received 2 surgeries within a week to remove the tumor. They were able to remove about 95%, but the rest was too dangerous to remove. Since then, he has been improving little by little to this day.

After almost 3 years of traveling to Tijuana 1-3 days a week for 1-5 different therapies, he finished successfully at every level. He has improved so much and has grown to a height of 176cm, when the doctors used to say, “He won’t grow, walk, talk, etc.” But I know who’s my Daddy!!! Abundantly merciful!! I keep asking myself, “how are those without Jesus??”

Azaff is losing his vision slowly so the doctor recommended for him to learn Braille and keep doing therapies for fine motor skills. He also needs to keep practicing rock climbing, that kind of eye-hands-and-feet therapy helps him a lot so we will continue going to San Diego once a week for that therapy.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for strength, wisdom, joy, and all the fruits of the spirit for me in homeschooling our kids. Azaff will be graduating 8th grade in July and Abdiel will be going into 8th grade.

2. Please pray for provisions for the medical treatment, traveling expenses, and rock climbing therapy expenses.

3. Strength and joy for our wonderful Mission kids, staff, and families.

Also, if you would love to bless our staff with snacks or anything, you can send packages to: La Mision Para Niños P. O. BOX 460 Tecate CA 91980

With so much love ,

The Rivera Family Miguel, Zurisadai, Conchita, Azaff, Abdiel.