Oh Canada, and beyond!

Welcome back to another monthly update! Click the link below to watch.

Praise Report

  • God has guided and directed me into taking this next step, and comforted me along the way.
  • I’m able to spend time with my family, I know many of you were praying for this, thank you!
  • I’m home safe and sounds with no complications in travel.
  • God has been orchestrating everything for this coming adventure and I’m excited to walk where He is calling me!

Prayer Requests

  • For safe travels down to Peru: it is a bit of a complicated route to get there for me (few different countries and over a week of travel).
  • Peace and comfort as I leave home again. Please specifically pray for my family as I’ve never been so far away for so long before, and it’s always hard on them.
  • Good connections to be made here in Canada as I’m here for a bit.

If you are in Kamloops, I am here for a little bit and would love to connect with you directly. As always, even if you’re not, feel free to email me with any thoughts and prayer requests!

In Him,

Acacia Scott

1: painting the Afghanistan flag on kids who were from there at a Muslim Outreach in San Diego I got to be apart of. 2: Kids at that same outreach. 3: The youth group at Saving Grace prayed over me before I left. It was really special. 4: The church body at Saving Grace praying over me the Sunday morning before I left.