November Photo Newsletter

Hi friends!

I have been trying to take more photos of life happenings here in Hungary, so I thought I would share some of this months snapshots with you!

“NOW – Night of Worship ” Event

Our church hosted a worship event.  It was a great evening lifting up praise to God.  We sang, prayed, and a few individuals in our church read out verses that God had put on their heart. There is something so powerful/transformative in gathering to lift up His name and exalt Him together. Pray for those who came who do not yet know Christ, that they would be drawn to Him.


I had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with some awesome friends, old and new! It’s not easy being away from family during the holiday’s, but I had a great time with these friends enjoying good food and reflecting over the past year and giving thanks.

I had the girl’s make a “Thanksgiving” book, writing/drawing things they are thankful for. The two photos on the right are of Esztie’s. She wanted to write “God is our only Savior forever and ever” 🙂  (I suggested adding spaces between words but she didn’t like that idea! Lol!)

More opportunities with young women and language study

We’ve continued our Monday night girl’s bible study and I’ve also enjoyed other opportunities to connect with girls over cooking food together, making music, and just chatting.  I’m continually encouraged seeing how God is working in their lives.

I took the photo on the right a few days ago during a rainy walk to my language school (there has been very little rain the past few months (at least for a Washingtonian gal) so I was thrilled by the rain! 🙂


  • PRAISE!! Esztie read her first words this month! Woohoo! After months and many hours working on letter recognition and sounds, I was so encouraged to see her cross this milestone! She’s continuing to make progress and I love hearing her sound out new words and read each new page in a book. Please keep praying for my work helping teach the kids, for wisdom and strength to best help them and also point them to Jesus. 
  • WOMEN’S CHRISTMAS TEA event happening at church December 8. This is one of our biggest outreach events during the year.  Women in our church have been inviting friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, classmates.. and there will be many who come that do not yet know Christ. We will have treats, songs, a short sharing time, and crafts (we’re doing a pottery craft this year). I am leading the singing time with a few other young women. Pray for us as we prepare for this event, pray for preparation of hearts even now, and pray that those who come will learn of God’s grace and love towards them and that hearts will respond to Him! 
  • Continued prayer for the young women in my life here and for language learning 

And on the note of thanksgiving, I want to say how thankful I am for all of you.  Your continued prayer and support means so much. I’ve also been super encouraged to hear from some of you this past month! Thanks for keeping in touch!