Not Our Ways – Pappas Update June 2024

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.”

Isaiah 55:8 NKJV

Hello our friends and family,

It’s been a few months since our last update and we are very grateful for each of you who pray for us, encourage us or financially partner with us as we continue to be faithful and obedient to our Father! So many privileges and opportunities have been placed in our path and God continues to show us it’s not about our ways, but His ways! It’s definitely been a humbling experience but by God’s grace, we are blessed to be a part of His plan. His Will. 

Tim finished teaching the book of Matthew to the students at the Bible college in S. Asia. They spent several months going through this glorious gospel and mining out the beautiful and powerful truths that are there. It was a great time for Tim and the students. We are grateful that even when we can’t physically be there. Technology allows us to continue to pour into these young future church planters who are passionate for the furtherance of the gospel and the work of the ministry in some of the most persecuted and difficult places in the world.

In March, one of our dear friends Merry, went home to be with the Lord. Her husband of 46 years rejoices that she is present with the Lord, but still struggles through much grief as you could imagine. We are grateful to be here for him and with him. Tim was able to have a role in the funeral and the celebration of life. That meant so much to him and his dear friend John. Please be praying for John as he tries to figure out how to navigate life here without his bride by his side. We are fortunate to have had him at our house often and he has joined Tim in a men’s small group that meets every Friday.

Wedding Bells

Life certainly has its ups and downs, new beginnings and sudden endings but through it all, it’s clear that God is in complete control. 100% sovereign. What a fun time we had at the wedding of a couple of our past students.  We are grateful, humbled, and somewhat baffled that these youngsters not only want us in their lives, but consider us near and dear to them. It was such a privilege for us to walk them through this pivotal event in their lives and for Tim to be able to conduct their wedding. 

Carmelle & Adam, CSOM graduates

Jenn got to use her God-given gift of hospitality and host a bridal shower for an MTS student moving to S. Asia who just married one of the National Pastors serving with SGWM. Jenn especially enjoyed cooking the Indian Dishes from scratch. She said, “the tikka masala and chaat dip turned out so yummy. Chaat dip is a layered dip and tikka Masala is a delicious sauce with chicken. Typically it is very spicy but I didn’t make it spicy. Now I know how to make food for our nationals when they come on furlough!”

If you would like to join us for dinner and eat National food together, please let us know.  I truly enjoy hosting, it’s such a blessing to bless others. 

There are definitely no shortages of care needed on the mission field. In these past months, Jenn has counseled women struggling with many difficult things. Spiritual depletion, spiritual warfare, deception, grief, loss, as well as marriage counseling. Also positive stuff too, encouragement with the calling on the field, rejoicing with them for God’s faithfulness and provisions, and building them up through the Word of God and prayer. 

What an amazing opportunity it was to serve at the Voice of Refugees a Ministry here in Orange County. They host a yearly event to help women who have fled from persecuted and dangerous countries for safety. These women have been through a lot of trauma, at times fearing for their lives . VOR is the hands and feet of Jesus, transforming lives through God’s love.  They provide assistance with many resources from English classes to housing and much more. 

My friend Hannah and one of our graduated students from Calvary School of Missions. I got to paint the ladies nails and have awesome conversations with the women.

Last month our church hosted a woman’s spring brunch where Jenn was asked to lead up this event along with an awesome opportunity to share her testimony and the the gospel to the women. The theme was, “New Life.”  We are a new creation in Christ. We played games and had crafts too!! The butterfly craft was a hit!! Over 80 women attended this event!! I truly love teaching and encouraging the women by the Word of God and by my testimony. It’s humbling and honoring to our Father! 

 Tim had a wonderful opportunity to teach the principles of biblical counseling in the missions training school. We believe Scripture is absolutely sufficient to guide us through all issues in our life. While the world’s approach to counseling may aim to “fix” people from the outside, biblical counseling’s goal is to lead individuals into the Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform them from the inside out. The emphasis is on heart change, realignment with God’s will, and internal transformation. This is something that Jenn and I are passionate about and seek to pass on to the next generation.  

Calvary School of Missions coming up around the corner

It’s hard to believe that we get to do this for the sixth year in a row, and we are expecting God to do great things. Time fails us to tell you of all the wonderful things that he has done in the past five years of this school, but we have seen the fruit of this ministry grow beyond what we ever thought it could. We have seven graduated students serving full-time in the Middle East, two in Japan, and two in South Asia. We’ve seen incredible spiritual and personal growth in the students, as well as in ourselves. So far we have 15 students who will be attending, with a few interviews still to conduct. There is much work left to do so we appreciate everyone’s prayers as we put the finishing touches on scheduling teachers, outreaches, transportation, housing, etc. One of the incredible things that we get to do this year is a return visit to the unreached people group in the mountains of Mexico that we visited last year. In our next newsletter we will speak more of that and of the unreached. 

We love you all so much and thank you for being behind us. Through your generous, financial support you have made this ministry possible for us and we want to let you know that this is the fruit of your labor as well.  If the Lord leads you to partner with us financially, or increase you’re already generous support, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mailing your support check to
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All for His Glory, 

Tim and Jenn Pappas