Never Stop, Never Settle

“do business till I come…”

~ Luke 19:13 ~

Jesus gave a parable about servants taking ten minas (about 30 months salary) and how their master tells them to do business, meaning to invest wisely or to complete a task.  Jesus is teaching about taking what He has given to you and using it to reach the goals of building His Kingdom here by spreading the gospel, making disciples, and building His church.  

Since being back in the States, we’ve had many asking us, ‘are you going to stop doing missions now that you’re going to have a baby?’ or ‘with COVID happening, does that mean you’re going to stop doing missions?’  As Christians, our calling is to be the light in the darkness and it is all of our responsibility to share the gospel to the world.  It is because Jesus is coming soon, that our hearts are burdened for the lost, we need to be bold witnesses to the ends of the earth and make disciples.  For us, “missions” doesn’t ever stop no matter where we are in the world.  We couldn’t have planned to have Asia’s borders be closed to us being there right now, but we praise God for the opportunities He has given us while being Stateside!

Relief Reaches the Mountains

For security purposes, name and places are being protected.  This past month, our national pastors were able to host more COVID-food relief outreaches at their churches throughout Asia.  One place in particular that we were personally able to visit before is far up the mountains in a village where Pastor R is from and has been serving.  His community already has limited amount of supplies, and now with COVID affecting the country, their supplies have been scarce.  Recently, this Calvary Chapel was able to distribute packages filled with rice, lentils, vegetable oil, and salt to the families in the village.

Pastor R was able to host the distribution at the church to pray over people and share the gospel with everyone.  We are very thankful that the Lord has provided for this little village in the mountains!  P.R. recently shared with us that since the outreach they had at the church, the people have been more receptive to him hosting additional outreaches in their village! Please pray for Pastor R who has been laboring as a carpenter and helping the locals with any of their field work.  Please also pray for the safety of the people health wise and that they would have the proper shelter that they need during this current monsoon season.

Calvary Chapel School of Missions

We have been so blessed to be here in Rosarito, Mexico!  The school is beginning its third week with an incredible group of students who are eager to learn and are excited about reaching the lost.  

The past few weeks have been filled with classes pertaining to missions such as church planting, building partnerships, the purpose of the church in Acts, laying aside our “rights” for the sake of the gospel, and the highs and lows of the mission field. We’ve also been going on outreach with the students alongside the different church plant locations that are connected with Calvary Chapel Rosarito.  With COVID regulations still continuing, there have been changes to our “outreach schedule” but evangelism and ministering to people doesn’t stop!  We’ve all visited locations to do a form of food distribution, minister to families, host small children’s programs, share personal testimonies, and most importantly, the gospel.  Many of the students are stepping out, sharing the gospel, and leading people to Christ for the first time!

BabyGarcia is a…

We are excited to announce that we are having a little girl!!  We decided to name her Lily based on Matthew 6:28, “So why do you worry about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.”  Matthew 6 has always been very special for us throughout our relationship with the Lord and together as one.  Learning to not worry about tomorrow, but trust in God instead because He cares for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, how much more He cares for us as His children!

Jena has entered her 6th month of pregnancy and still enjoys all of the fruit that she can get.  Her pregnant belly has popped out in the last few weeks and soon she will be able to balance her ice-cream bowl on it.  This month, Lily is the size of a grapefruit!  Our baby is going to be growing much more and doubling in her weight.  Lily has been super active, especially when there is music playing (we’re thinking we might have a tiny dancer) and we both love to feel her move around!

We are very thankful for your prayers and the constant love you have shown us.  Thank you for celebrating this new season with us as our family is growing and for cheering us on as we continue to serve the Lord.

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena, & Lily Garcia

Praise Reports:

  • The students have all been so amazing and encouraging
  • We’ve all been prayerful and careful about not getting sick
  • People have been giving their lives to the Lord and are getting connected with the local Calvary church plant
  • Our national pastors in Asia have all been safe and continuing the work of the Lord

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would give us and our team in Asia wisdom and direction during this COVID season
  • For Lily’s health and growth
  • For our friends in Asia to be safe, and have access to food and water for their families
  • Divine appointments with people here in Mexico to hear the gospel