June Newsletter

It’s been really awesome for us to see some of the things God has been doing here in the church the past couple of months. We see a fresh work being done in people’s lives, new faces coming and having a hunger for the word, and people having a desire to serve. It’s definitely an answer to our prayers and an encouragement to our hearts. 

Like we’ve said before, serving in another country far from family is difficult at times, but God in His kindness has blessed us with a growing family here as well, people who love us and love our kids and we are so grateful for that. 

Here’s a few things going on that we would love if you kept in prayer! 

Please pray for our new Mid-Week Fellowship

At the beginning of May, we started up a mid-week fellowship. Our desire was to create a really relaxed, intimate, and informal setting where people could come and enjoy a time of conversation through the scriptures and also receive prayer and encouragement. 

It has been a great blessing so far and a time that we really look forward to each week.

Please pray for our School of Ministry

We just finished our study in Romans in the school of ministry. As we look to the next semester, we would ask you to pray that God would show us which direction to continue. We would really like to see the School of Ministry grow to be not only a training center but also a hub for churches to connect and work together here in the community. Please pray that God would lead us in the right way to go about this.

Please continue to keep our Residency in prayer

We submitted everything in February and are still waiting to hear back from immigration. We’ve heard that this could take up to a year but we’re really hoping for things to go through sooner!


The Aristas