Jorden is in Jordan

Hello to all my friends and family reading this!

On the Mount of Olives

I usually publish my updates in the last week of the month letting you know what has occurred in that month. However this time I purposefully waited until the first week of February. That is so I can write to you from the land of Jordan! Around 3 o’clock on the 3rd of February, Jorden crossed over the Jordan river from Israel into Jordan. I am so excited about this vision tour and to see how God will speak in our time here. Thank you so much for all of you who have supported me, prayed for me, and encouraged me as I have taken the steps of faith that have led me here. To Jordan!! 

I Hit the Ground Running

Already the year 2020 has been extraordinary and I’m so excited for all the Lord has for the rest of it. When the clock struck midnight and 2020 began I was halfway between Northern California and Southern California on Interstate 5 driving through the night so I could be at a church staff meeting and a missionary gathering the following day. So from the beginning of this year, I hit the ground running. The first week being back from Northern California there was a Missions Conference at Calvary Chapel Bible College which I attended for the week. As a graduate of Calvary School of Missions, several fellow interns and I were asked to come to the conference to host a table for the School of Missions. So for that week, I was back at a Bible college dorm, rooming with some friends. It was such a blessing to be able to catch up with friends as well as meet many new people. For the whole week, I got to share with others about the school and how it changed my life. I spent the week hearing teachings on church planting, and meeting and talking with Pastors, missionaries, and fellow believers from around the world. The Lord also blessed me with some amazing chances to pray with others and encourage them. The following week was a week of fasting and prayer at church. Each morning and night we had an hour set apart to meet and pray in addition to whatever times we decided to pray and fast. It was an amazing week and the Lord showed me so much through that time and prepared me for this trip. Then this last week before entering Jordan I had the life-changing opportunity to tour Israel. This trip has changed my life forever! It has opened my understanding of God’s Word and deepened my love for the Lord and His Word. I will never read the Bible the same way again. Every time I read of Galilee, Jerusalem, En Gedi, the Dead Sea, or any of the other locations I was able to visit they will no longer be just a name. Now I have been there, seen the landscape, and I am able to understand the Word of God in a new way. The Lord has already taught me so much in this week and prepared my heart for Jordan.

Jorden in Jordan

Jorden at the Jordan River

Since August 2018 I’ve been praying for a door to open that would allow us to reach the Middle East with the gospel of Jesus Christ potentially from Jordan. Now I am here in Jordan to see what the next step God may have me take is. Please be praying for the Lord to make it clear what I am supposed to do next. For the next 7 days, the team members and I will be spending much time in prayer and seeking the Lord through His Word as we meet with local ministries in Jordan. All of us are praying about moving to Jordan to be missionaries and potentially to start a bible school. We have of course been praying for this for some time but now we are here in the land of Jordan. We are here for the purpose of hearing from the Lord to see what His will is for each of us. I would appreciate all of your prayers for direction and wisdom concerning the future. I’m confident this trip will bring about so much change in my life and I know it has already changed me. So please be praying for the Lord to lead all of us as we take this step of faith to see what God is calling us all to next. I look forward to updating you all more and showing you pictures of Jordan after I return. Thank you all and God bless

For His Glory,

Jorden Skiles

The Hills of Jordan

Praise Report 

  • I’m in Jordan!!! The Lord provided all the finances I needed to go on my trip and I’m here seeing what God has next. 
  • I have begun, as part of my internship, to help co-lead a life group as well as teach once a week in a hermeneutics class. Both of these are further preparing me for pastoral ministry. 

Prayer Requests

  • God’s clear direction on what is next 
  • Continued Monthly Provision 
  • For myself to continue to be disciplined as well as opportunities for me to disciple others