I’m Back!

February 2022 Life Update!

Welcome back to my Saving Grace World Mission blog! Thanks for sticking around, or welcome if you’re new!

Here is a brief run down since I stopped writing on my blog back in 2020 after School of Missions:

-August 2020: I went home to Canada to finish high school with a renewed heart for reaching the unreached.

-January 2021: After graduating high school the Lord moved me to California to attend Calvary Bible Institute

-I am now back under the wing of Saving Grace World Missions as an intern! It feels like it’s been a long time waiting, but I’m back!

Calvary Bible Institute with Jerel Hagerman. January 2022.

That brings us up to today. With Bible College done, my life has changed a lot! I graduated Calvary Bible Institute two weeks ago, and immediately moved to Yorba Linda to begin my internship at SGWM. Although I didn’t have a visa at the time, I felt real peace in the Lord to make the move and get settled in despite the fact that I could have to leave in 4 weeks due to my current visa expiring. Praise the Lord, one day after I moved here a 6-month visa came in! I applied for at least 1 year, but 6 months is 6 months. I’m overjoyed to be able to get trained up here for long term missions! I’m on a visitors visa, so still cannot work here, but God provided the ability to be able to work a few hours a week for a family in the church homeschooling their kids! I’m excited to watch the Lord move in these next steps in my life and see what He is going to do and where He is going to call me.

Speaking of long term missions, let’s talk about Muslims! The doors has been flung open for me to go on a vision tour to the Middle East in a few months! A Vision Tour is a trip to go to a place with the intention of moving there full-time in the future; or at least praying about it! It is a missions trip, but more focused on the long term than the 2 weeks that we’ll actually be there. As a missionary you don’t want to move somewhere only to realize that you don’t like the place, the people, and the culture. That is why we go ahead of time!

Please join me in praying for the leading of the Lord, and all the things that need to come in to place for this to happen if this is truly where He wants me!

Let me know how I can be praying for you,



First year interns discussing our book chapter this week from ‘Calvary Chapel Distinctives’.

Praise Reports:

-my visa allowing me to be here to be trained up.

-a place to live near the church and some form of work.

-upcoming trips and God showing His hand in and through that!

Prayer Requests:

-the Middle East Trip: that the Lord continues to provide practically and financially.

-that I will be diligent with my time while here.

-a continued thirst for the Word of God, especially now that I’m out of Bible College and not being “forced” into it everyday.