Harris Family Update June 2024

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock.”


Gang Ghetto Kwo “The House That Builds Life”

You may remember our friend Luke, and his wife Hannah, whose wedding we were blessed to be a part of last December. We have mentioned Luke often in our updates over the years since we work closely with him in ministry, and because we share a lot of life together as he is Matt’s best friend. We wanted to share some of the things he has been working toward, and now does together with Hannah.

Our family and the guys from Gang Ghetto Kwo enjoying the river on one of our regular camping trips.

Luke has worked with the Terebinth school since we arrived in Uganda long-term, and has filled many roles in the ministry. Since the beginning Luke has been involved with the young adults in the church and in the community, almost always staying with one of the young men as his roommate for company, accountability, and to pour into someone on a more personal level. Somewhere along the way he began dreaming of making his lifestyle of discipleship more of a committed program for young men interested in growing spiritually, but who were not yet ready to join the Terebinth school, or perhaps may not be called to full-time work in ministry.

Luke and Hanna enjoying the morning view with our children on our last camping trip.

Several years ago Luke bought a plot of land near our church and began building. His hope was to have a communal-style living space, where people could feel free to join in any time of devotions, worship, or prayer. The “community house” (a room with seating and a table, joined by a kitchen) was built standing in the middle of the compound, surrounded by 4 cement huts with tin roofs (these are called Bandas). It took Luke a long time to begin the more formal discipleship program, but while he was preparing he was still pouring into young guys from the church, doing devotions, discipling, and walking alongside them as a few of them occupied his Bandas.

Matt has been privileged to be Calton’s mentor as he goes through the program. Calton dreams of being a church planter in an unreached area of Africa!

Before getting married, Luke and Hannah began the discipleship program, which they have named Gang Ghetto Kwo (The House That Builds Life) with 4 young men, Moses, Louis, Jacob, and Calton. It has been a unique and special time as these guys have seen Luke and Hannah working together, practicing purity and boundaries while not yet married, getting married, and now watching them grow in relationship, all while being led through a series of biblical principles. We have truly enjoyed watching the lot of them grow together in Christ, Luke and Hannah grow in unity and in leadership, and the 4 guys mature both in Christ and in character.

Please pray:
  • For Luke and Hannah as they continue walking alongside Moses, Louis, Jacob and Calton.
  • For the four guys to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
God Bless,
Matt & Noelle & Family