Go Time!

Hello friends,

I am pleased to share with you that I have acquired plane tickets and will be leaving May 22 for Hungary! Amazing, right?! I am sitting here, on the cusp of returning to Hungary, blown away by God’s kindness and provision. It’s amazing and reassuring to see evidence of how God has prepared the way in His perfect timing.

Looking Back

I see God’s wisdom and care in this now-closing season. His hand and preparation are undeniable in this year-long time of waiting and now I see that He has done it, just as He promised. He has strengthened, helped, and upheld me such that I can say with confidence that it could only have been Him who has done it.

Looking Forward

God’s hand and preparation are also evident as I look forward. I arrive in Hungary May 23, with time to get started on the visa process and hopefully see my sister for a few days before starting a four-week beginner’s intensive language course in Budapest on June 4 (through a dear friend, God has already provided me a place to stay during this time–praise God!). As ready as I am to get settled in Pécs, learning the language is an invaluable piece and I am hopeful that this time in the beginning, given to this intensive beginner’s course, will give a solid foundation to build on as I go forward.

Invitation to Pray

  1. Praise God for His abundant provision and faithfulness!
  2. These past few weeks I have been reminded that the work of God is resourced by God. In Zechariah 4, God spoke to Zerubbabel of how the work of rebuilding the temple would be accomplished, saying, “…not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” It is not resources of human might and power that we need, it is the Spirit of God. God has provided such that His supply and our reliance on the Holy Spirit can/should be continual. This is one of my biggest prayers right now, for the Spirit to empower me for the things set in front of me. Pray for this work to be resourced by God, not by human might or power, but by the power of the Spirit.
  3. Pray for this transition to Hungary, for the remaining days I have here and the next few weeks and months as I begin the visa process, jump headlong into language learning, and get settled in life and ministry in Hungary.
  4. Pray for 100%. Currently at 87.5% with the go-ahead to step out, I am taking a step of faith in going, trusting God’s provision of the remaining $200/month. God has already shown His provision and I am excited to see how He will carry this to the full.

Much love and gladness,

Brenna Lynn