For All Seasons

“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season.”

2 Timothy 4:2a

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us while in Nepal and especially during the time of our lockdown.  In the middle of March, Nepal had closed their borders and cancelled any domestic flights that were flying in and out of Nepal.  As many of you know, we boarded an emergency evacuation flight that was put together by the US embassy to fly back to the States just a few weeks ago. We hope that you are well and we are praying for you.  

Aaron filtering out drinking water while shops were all closed down

We pray that you are entering into God’s peace and that you are abiding in Him for strength.  We know that you have been affected in one way or another, but trust God with your health and trust Him with your finances because this too shall pass.  If you are worried and stressed out, turn off the news and go for a walk instead, or listen to worship, spend time with your family, read your Bible and pray.  It is important to remember that not just your world has shut down, but the entire world has shut down.

Lockdown in South Asia

Throughout Asia, people are restricted from leaving their neighborhoods or even beyond the boundaries of their villages.  They are being monitored by policemen with giant sticks waiting to physically beat anyone.  Many families who earn their living through daily wages, are unable to pay for food for themselves.  This is why faith is necessary in a time of peace but especially during a time of trial.  It is ultimately your faith and trust in God that will hold you and keep you through this time of uncertainty.  The strength of God and His power will be manifest in even greater ways for us who believe and who continue to believe.


We are amazed at the mercy of God and the wisdom that He grants in response to crisis.  We had heard of Covid-19 and began seeing the borders and businesses shutting down in Kathmandu.  Then we later found out that all schools had shut down officially.  There was a weeklong window where we prayed as a staff on what to do with the school.  It was encouraging for us to know that our team wasn’t fearful, but faith-filled and we trusted God with whatever He had planned for us and the school.  With places being shut down throughout Nepal, it became evident of the necessity to close down the Bible school and send the students back home to their villages.

Classes in Nepal

Within the short time frame that we had with the students, we commissioned them to preach the Word, to be ready in season and out because this is a season where God ordained for them to go back and preach the gospel to their family, friends and neighbors.  The students have been trained and sent according to God’s timing, although it wasn’t the normal send off that we’re used to, it was still His timing.  To our amazement, many of the students have gone out and began meeting house to house in their villages.  Nepali people have been restricted to staying only in their villages and are unable to leave for any reason, so our students have gotten creative with the media and are doing online teachings to continue to reach out to those they can’t physically be with.

Are YOU ready?

Back in 2015, we lived through the largest earthquake in Nepal.  They said that the previous one was 70 years before.  We feared for our lives and slept in an open field, unwilling to sleep indoors for many nights due to the large aftershocks.  It was difficult to bathe, eat, or sleep.  Our lives were never the same but then a moment came when we saw and heard about others who had much less and had it much harder than us.  Entire villages were cut off due to mountain slides and people were left near to death, homeless and hopeless.  That moment was the beginning of the greatest outreach adventures ever.  God opened up so many doors to preach the gospel and reach villages that had never heard the name of Jesus.  It all came down to whether or not we were going to just survive or seek to serve others. 

We understand in times like these, it is hard to see past our own selves but consider that there are others that have much less and have it much harder.  Let’s not waste our lockdown.  Let’s reach out, call someone to check on them, reconcile with loved ones, or deliver a meal to an elderly neighbor.  Share the gospel with those that are willing to hear because people really are seeking help and hope in this crisis.  Let us pray for those who are hungry, unable to work and are surviving on little.  Pray for the gospel to spread like wildfire in the world right now.

Are WE ready…to be parents?!

We are so happy to announce that we are going to have a baby!  Jena is feeling well and is finishing her first trimester.  We were able to tell our parents that they are grandparents as soon as we reached US soil.  We are so thankful to the Lord for His perfect timing!  Baby Garcia will be coming this November!

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & Baby Garcia!