Excluded from Society and Boycotted Because of Their Faith – Pastor 11 Update June 2024

Hello Saving Grace World Missions Team,

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for your prayers and the unlimited love you shower on us. You stand shoulder to shoulder with us in all kinds of sorrows and difficulties and always pray for us like a warrior.

A woman rears 6 cows. Her son is 22 years old and 70% disabled since birth. Yet she does not stop coming to God’s house.

This woman’s name is R*. I have mentioned her many times in prayer requests before. She has been a believer for about 15 years. She comes to our church on time every week. On Thursdays, we hold another church service at her house. Right now, her society and the people around her are treating her very badly because she will not leave her faith in Jesus Christ. She is being mentally tortured in many ways. People accuse her of many different things. Some says she is a religious convert. Some say she has become a Muslim. Everyone has stopped talking to her. The saddest thing is that due to their belief, people have stopped buying cow milk from her house for a while. Because of this, her family’s financial condition has become very bad. She brings grass from the field from morning till midnight for the cows’ food and takes car of the cows. She also has a young son who is more than 70% disabled. He cannot bathe or feed himself etc. Still she and her husband have complete hope in God that God will take care of them.

People threaten them that if someone dies in their family, no one will even come to lift their dead body. By saying this, they mean that no one will have any kind of dealings with them. They say this because they believe that they have abandoned their religion and adopted a foreign religion.

Now the people of their village will neither buy milk from them nor buy their cow dung cakes as fuel for their fires for cooking food. Because of this, their whole house is filled with cow dung cakes. There is no place to sit. Every Thursday, when we go there to have church, we have to move things around and find a place to sit with great difficulty.

Because of their poor financial condition, her husband rides his bicycle 12 kms (7 1/2 miles) in order to attend our Bible study every Friday. The woman walks half the way to our church and then takes an auto rickshaw the other half the way so that she does not have to spend money on fare. She has another son who has gone to a big city to work. I want him to go to Bible college and become a messenger of God’s good news, but due to their poor financial condition at home, he is not going to Bible college. He wants to work and support his family.

The Son of a Staunch Anti-Christian Gave a Pulpit to Our Church.

A single believer gradually brought almost his whole family to faith in Jesus. His father, who was previously trying to hand him over to the police, also joined us in prayer this week.

I thank God that he has given our church a young man who is always ready to share the good news of the Lord. His name is U*. When I was in Bible college, he also went with me for 6 months for Bible training. At that time he was the only believer in his family. But gradually he brought almost the whole family to faith by the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and by his good behavior. Everyone except his father. His father has a very short temper. Whenever my father and I used to go to his house, his father always used to come in angrily to fight with us. He used to accuse us of making his son a Christian. I thank God that so far his father has not attacked us physically, because his father is against Christians.

When U* went to Bible college, he wanted to complete the full coarse in Bible training. However, his father, who is a staunch opponent of Christ, did not let him return to Bible college after one semester. But U* did not stop studying the Bible. He studied the Bible by himself every day and came to our church. However, because of a lack of employment in our village, he had to go to a big city in the South to find work. He makes furniture there. Recently, he came to visit our village for a while. He gave a new pulpit to our church that he made with his own hands. Last week, when we went to his house, his father also came. Before his father would rather die than hear the name of Lord Jesus Christ, but this time joined us in prayer and sat quietly and listened! It was a very surprising thing for us! I thank God that He is changing people’s lives!

My younger sister finally got married! She had a Christian wedding.

I thank God that He has chosen every person in my family to spread the Gospel of His kingdom. When we became Christians, people in our neighborhood used to tease us. They would make jokes about who would be willing to marry us. I thank God that He answered all of them. My younger sister served with a youth organization for about 12 years independently, without any financial support. God arranged a pastor’s son for her to marry. On May 16, she got married with a nice big celebration. Many people who hate Christians were trying to create obstacles for the wedding. Thank you for your prayers! God put fear in their hearts and they did not dare to create any obstacles.

This was my youngest sister’s wedding. We invited all of the Christian brothers and sisters in our village and city. People in our city and village were surprised at the huge crowd. They wondered where we found so many people to come to the wedding when we were ostracized from society. I thank God that He fulfilled our every need. The ceremony went very nicely. Even though it was very hot, by God’s grace, no one fainted or had any kind of problem. I want to thank all of you who prayed about this wedding.

We had a great time studying the Bible on Google Meet with our Aunty. I thank God that He provides us with all of the electronics and everything that is needed for His work. Through the internet, we are able to learn the Word of God more deeply, even when we are at a distance from each other. On the first week of the month, I asked Pastor 15’s wife to conduct a Bible study. Most of the people in our church are women, so whenever I ask her to share at a Bible study, the women of our church get very excited. They get a chance to learn many new things. She conducted the Bible study with us on Fridays. We started studying the Old Testament chapter-by-chapter beginning in Genesis. Now we have reached Exodus 15. We also share God’s Word with others.

The Holy Bible was given to the women who were baptized last month.

I thank God that He never lets us have a shortage of Bibles and New Testaments. That is why we keep distributing New Testaments to everyone with an open heart. We also give the complete Bible (which includes the Old Testament) to those who want to know the Lord more and are interested in reading the Bible. I thank God that His Word is working in people’s lives. People are reading the Bible and understanding God’s love more deeply.

Points of Thanksgiving:

  • I thank God that He has protected me, my parents and my entire family from those who are anti-Christian.
  • I thank God that He allowed my younger sister’s wedding to go very well.
  • I thank God that despite the extreme heat, He did not let my family get sick in any way.

Prayer Points:

  1. Please pray for R’s* family’s financial condition to get better. Pray that the people who have been boycotting them will buy milk from their house again.
  2. Please pray for U’s* father who is against Christians. Pray that God will also use him for His kingdom.
  3. Please pray that the people in our state and village will find jobs. Because of a lack of jobs here, more than 50% of the people from our church have moved to big cities.
  4. Please pray for my mother. Her bones are very weak. The doctor said that she will have to take daily injections for 18 months. Please pray that our Lord Jesus heals her.
  5. Please pray. In a few days we will be traveling to have fellowship in the North. May God protect us, and may our time go well.
  6. Please pray for the believers in our church to understand God’s Word more deeply. May they be able to face all of the suffering they are facing for the Name of Lord Jesus Christ with courage.
  7. Please pray for my wife’s health. She has a health problem for which I am taking her to get treatment in a bigger city in the North. Pray that God will help us.

Thank you for your love, prayers, support and participation in the Gospel.

May God bless you all!

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.